Monday, July 30, 2012

Papitaiso macawa mai oqo!! (baptism next week)

Ni sa Bula vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well yet another week has flown by. I have already been in this area
for a month now. So crazy. We actually had a really awesome week this
week. Probably the best one since I have been here. We are doing
really good work right now. We found 4 new investigators this week and
we have probably 5 more that we will just need to contact this next
week and they should be new investigators too. That is way exciting
that the olympics are on. I am actually watching it right now at this
place that I am emailing at haha That thing that dad said the guy from
Fiji was wearing around his neck is called a salusalu. It is like a
ceremonial thing here for big occasions like that. I will probably be
wearing one when I come home on the plane. I want to get someone to
make me one. I can't believe that Rand is going to be a senior this
year! I feel like that was me just barely a few months ago. One of the
only things that I really miss from home is being able to watch the
boys play sports. I am glad that I will be back for Parkers senior
year though.

Well Emma will be getting baptized this next Saturday! We are so
excited for her. She is really like one of the strongest investigators
that I have had so far on my mission. It was so cool how this week she
bore her testimony to us and told us that no matter what happens to
her in her life she will never leave this church because of the spirit
that she has felt that has testified to her that it is true. It has
been a way awesome experience teaching her.

This last week we also had leadership training on Wednesday. It was
way good. I love going to things like that because they really
motivate me to keep getting better and working harder. It was also
just way fun to get to be with a bunch of the other missionaries. It
is crazy how now I am like getting to be one of the older missionaries
in the mission. It will especially be that way once all of these
massive new intakes start coming in. There are over 20 coming in
September so that will be insane. I think I will probably be in this
area until that intake comes in September and then I will either be ZL
or go open up a new area. I think I am going to tell president that I
would really like the opportunity to go and open up a new area. I
think it would be a way good experience. And most of the new areas
opening up will probably be in bush places and that is where I want to
be haha I love this culture and this language so much and you kind of
lose a lot of that here in the city. It is way funny though because I
ALWAYS will speak Fijian to people here if they are Fijians and
they think it is so cool that I will do that. And that I can just speak
to them normally in Fijian. I think they are actually more suprised
about a white kid who is speaking Fijian here, than in the bush. haha

Well sorry it is kind of a shorter email this week. I should have some
good experiences coming up soon with all of these good new
investigators that we are getting. O yeah. I will definitely need a
different material of shirts than those other 2 you guys sent. The
parts where it is tucked into my sulu is like fraying up, or I don't
really know a good word to describe it haha my English has definitely
gone down from being here but I think that is cool haha Well you guys
are the best. Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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