Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vakaukauwataka noqu ivakadinadina (strengthen my testimony)

Ni sa Bula Vinaka noqu matavuvale!

Well this week was a really awesome week. I had a lot of experiences that really strengthened my testimony about this gospel. Those pictures from Trek are awesome! Dad, you look like a stud dressed up like that. I think you should just dress like that all the time haha I am glad the boys are keeping on the Hawk name legacy. I know that I am so proud to be a Manulevu! haha The Ap's just texted me and told me that I have a package in the office so I will go pick it up there right after this. You will have to print out some of those pics from Trek and send them to me when you send me some more shirts. I would also like some more zebra pens if you get the chance ha. I think I will be sending you guys my sim card soon too so that you can see the other videos and stuff that I have taken. So this week the first thing that happened that really strengthened my testimony was during a lesson we had with one of our new investigators Emma. She is married to a guy that is an inactive RM. We started teaching her last week and she loves the lessons so much that she wants us to come over like every single day to teach her haha and it is way good because she is Fijian so we always just teach her in Fijian so I love that. But during one of our lessons with her there was another member lady there named Sister Wilson. She is the bomb. She is from Rotuma. But she asked us during the lesson why God chose Joseph Smith to be the one to restore the church because she said that another lady asked her that one time and she wasnt really sure how to answer it. So I started talking and I was just saying how God's plan is perfect, and everything about Joseph Smith's life and about him as a person was perfect for restoring the gospel. Even the place and the time that he was living in. And I talked about how God chose him before the world was even created and things like that and while I was talking I just got like hit with a wall of feeling the spirit testifying to me that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. It was probably the most powerful experience I have ever had specifically about Joseph Smith being a prophet so that was awesome. I know and testify that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God and that he restored God's true church back to the earth. Another cool experience was last night we had a missionary fireside and all of us missionaries in Suva went and President Klingler and his wife talked and some Recent converts talked and one of the stake presidents talked and it was all way good. But at this one point in the fireside when the stake president was talking I felt just so much peace and happiness and just so blessed to be a part of this great true gospel. I almost started crying and it would have been a little weird because no one else was crying then because it was kind of just a random point in the meeting but it was a way cool experience for me. This week also Solo and Va, a couple that I was teaching in Korovou and was about to get baptized but then went out of town for a while and then once I got transferred here I went and found them that day in Lami and everything, well they got baptized yesterday which is way awesome. The Elder who did their interview said that they both asked for me to come back and baptize them haha I really wish that I could have but it is all good because my son, Elder Tamuera got to baptize both of them so that is awesome. Elder Tamuera actually just got transferred into my district so that will be way fun to get to see him alot again. There is also a big group of youth from America that are here in our ward for some EFY humanitarian thing. It was way weird seeing so many white people haha But it did remind me how good looking white girls actually are haha all of them are in high school though so too young for me. ha Well I love you guys so much. We really do have the best family ever, and I know a huge reason for that is because of this gospel that we are so blessed to be a part of. Keep sharing it with others so that they can have the same blessings that we have!! Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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