Monday, July 2, 2012

Sa dusimaki keirau na Yalo Tabu! (Spirit is leading us!)

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

This week was a really good week. We had a ton of way cool experiences where we were totally led by the spirit. It was way awesome. I still dont really like being in Suva, I always find as many opportunities to speak Fijian as possible so that has been good. I still get to speak quite a bit of Fijian everyday, especially because my comp is Fijian. One really crappy thing though is that the Newspaper here put this full page story about this ex-mormon lady that kind of bad mouths the church and it also had pictures of people just wearing their garments which was way messed up. It will probably turn some investigators and other people away from the church but a lot of people just think it is stupid.

So Tuesday I got to do my first district meeting. I thought that it went really good. I actually really like giving trainings, I think I learn a lot more in preparing a training than I ever did listening to trainings before. I also got to do 3 baptismal interviews which was way awesome. They were all in Fijian too so that made me happy too haha It is such a cool experience though to do baptismal interviews for these people that have such a strong desire to be baptized. I really felt the spirit in the interviews stronger than most times in my mission. It is a good testimony building experience for me too just to feel of that spirit and hear how strong these peoples testimonies are even though they are just receiving the gospel in their lives.

One of the cool experiences when the spirit lead us was on one of the days I went to an area called Lami to do a baptismal interview. After the interview we had some more time and so me and the Elder I was with (who is actually Elder Eliason from Delta that Grandma and Grandpa know) but there was a couple named Solo and Va that I was teaching back in Korovou and they were so awesome. They were supposed to get baptized but then they went to Lami for a while. So I told him we should try to find them so that they can get baptized because they were the bomb. So all I knew was that they were staying close to this hotel place. So we were walking around there and we really had no idea where to go. So we were kind of just walking back and then this boy came up to us and he was a member and I told him who we were looking for and he said "o yeah they are staying at my house" so he took us straight to them. It was so cool. We went and they were way happy to see me and they said that they now got married and are ready to be baptized. So they should be getting baptized in a couple more weeks!! Way cool experience.

The 2nd cool experience of us being guided by the spirit was me and my comp Elder Nawaqasema were trying to find this lady named Shelly and he had never been to her house yet. All we knew was just the general area that she lived in. So we were walking down the road and we walked past this other small road that went off to the side and Elder Nawaqasema said he felt like we should go back and take that road, so we did, and then we walked back that way for a while and he said he felt like it was this certain house, so we went and knocked at the house and it was her! It was so cool. And then right when we finished the lesson with her one of her neighbors daughters came over and asked if we could come to her house to because her grandma just died and her mom was having a hard time. So we went there too and we were just having like an intro lesson and the lady stopped me mid sentence and said "I am feeling the Holy Spirit testifying to me that this all is true" and then she said that when we got there she had this super bad migrane but it all went away as we shared our message. Way awesome.

We also have this other new investigator that we found this week that we already committed to baptism. She is way awesome too. It has been a good week. This area has been a little slack lately because the kid that I replaced just went home so he was a bit trunky haha. This was a good week to kick start the work though and we should have a lot of other good stuff coming up as well.

It sounds like you guys had a ton of fun at the cabin. I am way excited to go there right after I get home next year. That will be a way nice relaxing vacation right after getting home ha. You will for sure have to send me some pics from the trip.  Thanks for being the best family in the world! I can't believe that my year mark is on Friday... insane. Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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