Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tagi (cry)

Ni sa Bula Vinaka noqu matavuvale!!

Man, I cant believe that I am already sitting here emailing you guys again ha the time is definitely just going faster and faster. This week was a pretty good week for us. I got the shirts. I like the medium one better. But I dont like the material. It is super thick and hot. Thank you so much though! If you can find some that size but a lighter material that would be way awesome. If not no worries. Could you also send me a couple more zebra pens too haha I love those things now, I can't use anything else.

Well last Monday we all went and hiked to that waterfall. It was way awesome! I forgot my camera though haha I will just have to copy the pictures from some of the other elders. I will try to get some today from another Elder that is here emailing with us. There was a couple of Fijian boys that were like our guides and we just followed the river up into the jungle for a LONG ways. All of the sisters didn't even make it all the way to the waterfall haha But once we got there it was way cool. One of the waterfalls was probably like 20-25 feet tall and it came down into a big pool of water. All the Fijian boys we brought were diving off and I wanted to do it SOOO badly haha I am definitely going to have to come back to Fiji so that I can do all the other fun stuff like that. It was way beautiful up in there though. That is what is so cool about Fiji and about being here as a missionary is that there are so many gorgeous places that tourists never get to go to but we do because we live here and know the people that know the cool places to go.

So this week we were teaching that Emma lady I have been talking about my last few emails. She is so amazing. But we were teaching one lesson to her about faith and it was just a way awesome lesson and the spirit was so strong and it was all in Fijian so that made it even better and then at the end she just started talking about how right now she is facing so many trials but that her receiving this gospel in her life has given her so much more hope and happiness. And she started like bearing her testimony and she was crying and I also started crying a little bit because I felt so blessed to have been a part of bringing the gospel to this women and seeing the difference that it is making for her in her life and how much she truly appreciates it. It is the experiences like that that make this work all worth it, and make me want to continue sharing this great gospel for the rest of my life so that I can continue to feel that great feeling.

Well that was the good spiritual part about this week but now for some funny stories. So one night after a lesson we were going to go to the chapel because our ward was having an activity with all of those youth from America that are here. So we got in a taxi and it totally smelled like weed in there haha So I sat in the front seat and I was trying to talk to the guy but he was totally high and so he was just like laughing and didn't really want to talk. But we got to the chapel and I got my money out to pay him and he just said "no, don't worry about it" and I was saying, no its ok I can pay you, and he was just smiling and laughing and just said "no worries man" haha I was laughing so hard, I don't know why I thought it was so hilarious. But we got a free taxi ride out of it so that was way cool haha O yeah and one of the youth that is here from America is this girl that went to Perry high school. She is cousins with Conner Levi that kid that is in our stake and played baseball at Mesquite, and is good friends with the Trudeaus. She said that she knows who the Trudeaus are. Pretty crazy haha

Well that is about it for this last week. This week on Wednesday we are having leadership training so all the leaders are coming in to Suva. It will be way fun to get to see everyone. Elder Ikafanga is going to be staying at my flat to so that will be fun. And we will get an amazing lunch cooked by Sister Klingler after the trainings so that will be way awesome. Sounds like you guys are doing good at home. That really sucks about your knee dad. It sounds kind of like a hot rod story, I am going to start raising money to pay for your surgery and then I am going to come home and beat you up! hahaha "And YOU WILL RESPECT ME......PEACE!!!'' Well I love you guys so much. Thanks for always supporting me. Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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