Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yabaki dua!! (one year)

Ni sa Bula Vinaka noqu matavuvale!

One year down... one more to go! I cannot believe how fast this last year has gone by. And I know that this next year will probably just go by even faster. I had a pretty sweet day on my year mark. 8 of us missionaries all went to this place called pizza king and had lunch there. Then it was just a good day of work and then came home and burned my shirt!! The only crappy part is that when I burned my shirt I broke the landlords closeline and now they are all mad at me... but its not even really broken bad and I should be able to fix it. Hopefully they won't hate me forever for it haha This week was a really good week as far as the work goes. We were able to find 5 new investigators from our street contacting and from a less active family. A ton of our investigators are brand new and just starting out but a lot of them look really promising. There are a couple that are brand new that we have already committed to baptism, the only problem we have been facing is getting them to come to church. It is way different here because people have jobs and things here so they work on Sundays and stuff. I didn't have to face that problem at all out in the bush in Korovou haha So it will be a new challenge for me. But we are really going to try to start working with the members in helping our investigators come to church. We have a really good ward. And probably one of the best bishops in Fiji, he actually really knows what he is doing haha Well other than that the week wasn't too eventful. It's not like in Korovou where I always had all kind of cool adventures and things to tell you guys haha O there is actually one really funny story. This week was the first time in my whole mission that I have like actually had someone talk bad about the church and stuff like right to us. They were actually yelling it at us from down the street. But on Thursday we were walking to go do our service and I just said Yadra to this Fijian lady which just means good morning and she said it back but then she said a cuss word in Fijian to me too. haha I thought it was pretty funny and just kept walking. And then we were walking back and I saw her again and she came up to me and I was speaking Fijian to her but she kept speaking English and she just said her uncle is a bishop for the mormon church and just some other stupid things about the church. But the funniest part was that night we were walking past there again and it is like a street where there are stores and stuff so there was quite a few people just on the street and I could just hear someone yelling back behind us. Eventually I turned around and it was that lady and she was yelling "the mormon church is going to burn to the ground!" and just a bunch of other crazy stuff like that. Elder Nawaqasema was kind of scared and started walking all fast haha but all the people in the street were just telling her to shut up. It was pretty funny. First time anything like that has happened on my mission. Well that is way exciting that Danielle and Jordan are coming down. That will be way fun to see them. Trek should be really fun too. I loved Trek, I thought it was way fun.You will have to send me lots of pics from it. I will be praying for you Dad. I know you will be alright. You made it on that hike with me that one time when you had swine flu ha. Well I am looking forward to this next year here in Fiji. I know I have a lot more good times and adventures to come! Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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