Sunday, August 5, 2012


Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well yet another week down. It seems like last week was my year mark, but it has already been another month. This was a really good week. It was pretty tough at times just with investigators not being home and things but it ended up being a really good week. I guess it is hard for it to not be a good week when you get to baptize someone! Emma's baptism was really good. She has such a strong testimony of this gospel and it has already changed her outlook on life so much. Nothing better in this life than getting to be a part of that for someone. That is so crazy that you guys are already going back to school. I didnt even know that Danny went to Afghanistan! That is way crazy. If you cant find short sleeve shirts in a better material than you can just buy long sleeve ones and I can take them to a tailor here and get the sleeves shortened for like 2 dollars per shirt. And if I am going to be doing a few I may even be able to talk my way into getting a better deal for it ha. 

Other than the baptism not too many exciting things happened this week. We do have this new investigator though named Navi and he is the MAN! A lot of his family is members and he told us that last sunday he woke up and that something just specifically told him that he needed to go to church. So he went and now we have been teaching him and we have just committed him to being baptized. It was way cool though because when I gave him the comittment to be baptized I just said "once you know that the BOM is true and that Joseph Smith is the true Prophet what will be the next step for you to take?" and he said "To share this message with everyone that I know and to go and serve my mission" it was way cool. And then I just said, well yeah that is good you are thinking that far ahead but first you got to get baptized haha and then he was just like "o well yeah I knew that too" ha he is the man. 

We also met these way cool guys from the Solomon Islands when we went to USP (University of the South Pacific) we were just walking there and they called us over and we were just talking and stuff and they were way cool. We gave them a DVD and our number and they were fighting over the DVD on who was going to get to take it and watch it first haha it was way funny. Hopefully they will call us because I at least want to go and hang out with them sometime because they were way cool ha 

We also had a lesson with these 2 girls that are from Tuvalu. They are related to another member in our ward and they were all just speaking Tuvaluan to each other like the whole time so it was kind of annoying ha but it was really cool to listen to the language. I told them that they need to teach it to me, so I am going to start learning a little bit of Tuvaluan too haha one of the Elders from my intake Elder Zajac is actually serving out on Tuvalu right now so he is learning that language right now. It is really close to Samoan language. Pretty much the same. It is so cool how many different cultures and things we get to come into contact with and learn about here. 

This week I am going to be doing my training in district meeting about the Book of Mormon. One of the things that Sister Klingler talked about at leadership training the other week was about how any problems or challenges anyone is facing can be solved by just studying and reading from the Book Of Mormon everyday. So I am going to make a goal for my district that we are all going to finish the whole BOM in a month. I hope they are as excited about it as I am and will take it seriously and do it because I know that it will really help all of us not only be way better missionaries but just better people in general. 

Well I love you guys so much! Thanks for so much support. Au lomani kemudou!! 

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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