Monday, August 13, 2012

Sa na vuka na manulevu!! (the Hawk is going to fly!)

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!!

Well.... I just got transferred... again... but... I am going to Savusavu to be the Zone Leader!!! Savusavu is on the other island called Vanua Levu. The flat is called "the Purple Mansion" and it is up on a hill that overlooks this gorgeous bay. I will also get to go to two other little islands that will be in my zone. I dont think I have ever been so excited about anything in my life. Elder Stock is the Suva ZL now too. I will be flying over there tomorrow morning. It will be way cool to because I will get to fly back to Suva every month to go to Zone leader training council stuff. I will be taking a lot of planes and boats and going all over. I was so excited when we got the transfer that I couldnt really fall asleep that night haha I was so shocked. I cant believe that I am going to be a ZL already. I am ready for it though. Just got to keep working hard.

As far as the rest of this week goes it was a way good week. As far as lessons it was not good at all. But a lot of other way cool stuff happened. I went on exchanges to Lami with Elder Dakunimata who is Fijian and whenever he would give me the time to introduce myself I would always tell the people that I am from Tailevu which is the Province that Korovou is in and I tell them that I am from Davetalevu village and we had this one kid convinced that I actually grew up there haha And all of the families that we went and saw could not stop laughing because they said my Fijian was so good haha They said I had the best Fijian of any white person they had ever met besides this one Elder that served there a few years back. But some of them said I was even better than him. I am soo grateful that I have been given the gift of tongues. I know that there is no way that I could have Fijian like this by myself. When I think about it sometimes I cant help but just be so grateful t the Lord for helping me so much with it.

It has been raining non stop here this whole week. But today is finally a beautiful day. I really hope tomorrow is too because when I fly over there I want to be able to see good out the windows because it is going to be gorgeous. This last Tuesday we also had a pretty cool experience. It was after district meeting and we were supposed to go eat lunch somewhere else, but I accidentally started going up to this other place and so we just decided to go up there and when we got up there these 2 white guys ran up to us and they were members from Utah and they said that they were so happy to see us because they were here for some business thing and the guy they are working with started asking a lot of questions about the church and they were just thinking how they really wished they had like a Restoration pamphlet or something and then we showed up. It was way awesome. So cool how the Lord works in guiding us to find the people that he is preparing to receive his gospel, even when it is something that to me was just my mistake at first, but turned out it was being guided by the spirit ha way awesome. and then the guy came up and gave us each 10 dollars so that was a nice blessing too haha

This week we were also trying to find this referral and we only knew like the general area it was in so we just kind of started asking random people and we went to this random house and the guy came out and we just asked him about these people we were looking for I just really felt like I should contact him, so i just started asking him questions and stuff and he invited us in. Probably partly just to listen to a white kid speak Fijian haha but he said how he is related to this member that is in our ward and how the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is his favorite Choir ever and stuff and we had a way good like intro lesson with him. It will be cool to hear how that goes with him. We also found these 3 other girls that became new investigators this week. They were asking us a ton of WAY good questions so it was way awesome.

Well thanks for sending the package! Hopefully it is here by next week because I will be flying back here to Suva next week for a zone leader council thing so I could get it then. Hope all you guys recover from your surgery stuff! How is josh doing? He never emailed me back or anything. Well, I love you all so much!!

loloma, Elder Hawk

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