Sunday, August 26, 2012

Levu na veilakoyaki!! (lots of moving around!)

Ni sa bula vinaka na noqu matavuvale!!

Well yet another week down. This week just flew by because we were traveling around a lot. It was really awesome though. On Wednesday morning we had to ride 3 hours on a bus to go to Labasa to the airport to flay back over to Suva for our Zone leader council meeting. The bus ride sucked, it is a lot of mountains and the bus is old and packed of people so it literally just crawls up these big hills. If we take our truck the same drive only takes about an hour and a half haha so we flew back over to Viti Levu (the main island) and stayed the night and then on Thursday we had our meeting. It was a way awesome meeting. We pretty much just talk about things that we can do to make our mission better. I know that it really motivated me personally, but also gave me a lot of good ideas on how to better help our zone out too. Then that day we had a ton of stuff we had to get for our zone in the office so we were just in there all day and then on Friday morning we flew back over here to Labasa and rode the same bus ride back. We had to ride the bus because we share our truck with some other Elders by us and so we let them use it the whole time we were gone. One of the things that really stuck out to me from the meeting was a training that Sister Klingler gave about Faith. She just talked alot about how our actions show are faith and different ways that we can grow our faith and things. I know that is something that I have been pretty good at in my life is having faith. I know that it has helped me a ton on my mission and will help me a ton after the mission too.

The work in our area is also going really good right now. We have those 6 baptismal dates that we set last week and we have a couple of other investigators that are doing really well that we should be setting dates with soon too. It is really hard sometimes because we are gone from our area so much so we don't get to see our investigators as much as we would like. This next intake that is coming in is HUGE though so they might put some more missionaries in our area so that even when we are gone there will still be good work getting done here. That would be way awesome. The place that those 6 baptismal dates are at is called Vunivesi. They speak a dialect called vosa vakawailevu. It is one of the very hardest dialects here. It is way awesome though. It is the one that I wrote the greeting thing to my email in last week. But me and Elder Moaalii have been trying really hard to learn it just because we have a lot of work out there and the people think that it is so awesome when you can speak their dialect, even though they would still understand if we spoke normal Bauan. We have actually learned a lot so far and it has been so fun to speak it to people and see how shocked they are when we can speak their dialect to them (as if a white kid speaking normal Fijian wasn't shocking enough... ha) It will be awesome though. I think it will really open up a lot more work there for us, just because the people will see the desire that we have to learn their dialect. and they will just be interested to hear us speak.

This week is going to be a super busy week too. Today right after this, us and the other 2 elders over here will be driving up to Labasa for pday and then tomorrow we will have a combined zone training meeting with them. then on Wednesday me and Elder Moaalii will be taking the boat over to Taveuni (the garden island of Fiji) and having another zone training meeting over there and then coming back on the boat on Thursday morning. So lots more traveling this week. and then next week is our Zone Conference so President and the APs and stuff will all be coming in and we will be having zone conference here. It is pretty crazy having to figure out how to get everyone moved around on boats and buses and planes so that we can all get them here for zone conference haha it is fun though, and it will help a lot for after the mission too.

Thanks so much for being such an awesome family. I know that the package you guys sent is here in Fiji but I wont be able to get it until the APs come next week for Zone conference, hopefully they will be able to bring it with them. Thanks again for all of that stuff. I love you all so much! Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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