Sunday, November 25, 2012

A mate le dua, sa qai sucu le lima na ka vou‏

Ni sa bula Vinaka noqu matavuvale!

Well yet another very busy week down. The time is going by way too fast. It goes by soo fast when we are so busy like we are. These next 2 weeks are probably going to be the busiest that we ever have too haha this next week we have our zone leaders council. Then the WHOLE mission is coming into suva and we are having our huge mission combined zone conference, and the Christmas party on Saturday. Then sunday we are having a missionary fireside. All 80 missionaries will be singing and stuff so that should be really sweet. and then on Monday the North zone and west zone will be busing back to the west to have their mission tour with Elder Hamula and we will be flying there that morning with president and then we will fly back that same night with President and with Elder Hamula. Then on Tuesday we will be doing the same mission tour thing in Suva with the other 2 zones. Then on wednesday we will be having another zone leaders council thing with President Hamula. It is going to be awesome, but way insane for us because we have to be the ones that make sure everything goes as planned with no problems getting all these 80 missionaries moved all over Fiji. Pray for us... haha
O yeah, so because of all that I dont really know when I will be emailing next week. It definitely wont be at the normal time like this ha I am sure I will get the chance to email at some point though, so if you dont get any email from me dont freak out haha

This week was really good though. On Tuesday there was an Elder that extended his mission a month and he was going home so we took him to the temple and did all the stuff we do when people go home. He was a way awesome missionary. Then on Thursday the new intake of 5 came in. But actually only 4 came because one of them got stuck in San Francisco. So we did all of their new orientation stuff and then that night we had a big Thanksgiving dinner at Presidents house with all of them and with some of the senior couples that work here in the office. No turkey though because here a 4kg turkey cost $180 haha so we had chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and green bean casserole and carrots and apple pie with ice cream, it was amazing haha I definitely ate way too much. I will try to send you some pictures from that today.

On Saturday was the transfer. So all day we were driving people around to get on buses and airplanes and then the other Elder that got stuck in San Francisco came in so we had to hurry and do all of his orientation stuff and we got to take him to dinner at this nice restaurant so that was really sweet haha we took the other new guys to Chee Wais which is our chinese investigators restaurant. It is a WAY nice restaurant and pretty expensive but they give us a way good deal because they love us haha if you guys come get me then we will go and eat there for sure! They are going to feed me some sushi soon so I will let you know how it is.

Kevin and Yungyung are doing really awesome. They should be getting baptized this sunday after church. I am way excited for them. Their is another guy that lives there named Lou and he is the cook of the restaurant and the brother of the mom and we have started teaching him and he is way awesome too. They understand so much even though they have no type of really Christian background.

Things are going way awesome with Filipe too. This week we had a way good lesson with him and he just kept referring back to his mom and how he sees how happy she is and how blessed she is and everything. He bore a way powerful testimony and said that he knows that the church is true just because of that. It really just made me want to make sure that I continue living the gospel to its fullest so that I can continue receiving its blessings that will be an example to others that will testify that the gospel is true. I know that all of you are that kind of great examples and I am thankful that I had all of you as the great examples around me to help strengthen my own testimony and especially in being a good example to others.

The Bavoros are going through the temple and getting sealed this week on Thursday! I am so stoked to get to go to it. What an awesome blessing to have had the opportunity to teach such great people that the Lord had prepared. I really need to write letters to a bunch of my other recent converts.

Well life is good. Sounds like you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving! Au lomani kemudou!!!


Elder Hawk
 Elder Riley is getting ready to head home and this is our van
Our Thanksgiving Dinner

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