Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oso oso sara ga (very busy)

Ni sa bula vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well it sounds like everyone had a really awesome week this last week! That is way sweet that that little boy dressed up as a stripling warrior haha On Halloween me and Elder Estill switched badges and ties and watches and that was our costume for Halloween. That is about the extent that we could do and get away with haha I thought it was pretty funny. There was a couple times where we got called the wrong name or the people were really confused. Pretty funny.

Well this week was another CRAZY busy week. Alot of going to bed late and getting up real early to run people to the ariport or pick people up or the bus stops or all kinds of crazy things. Part of the job I guess. It is really fun though to get to be with all of the missionaries a lot though. We have so many way awesome missionaries here right now. I have made a lot of really good friends. This week was especially busy because we brought in all of the sister missionaries and had a specialized training for them and then we also brought in all of the Elders that are training and being trained to have a special training for them as well. It is so weird to be the one giving all of these trainings now. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was the one sitting on the other side of the table just looking at the APs like they were the man and now I guess I need to live up to that. Pretty humbling experience. One part of the training was way awesome though. It is cool how much we learn too when we give a training. But we were giving the training and it was about our purpose as missionaries and living up to that purpose at all times and things like that, but there was a part where I started just talking about letting our missions change us, which originally wasnt a part of our plan. But I started talking about how at the start of our missions a lot of us just think that we dont want to be weird or whatever when we go home and we still want to be "ourselves" or whatever and so we hold ourselves back from letting our missions change us into what they could. And I just talked about how at the beginning of my mission that is kind of how I was. But especially the last few months, probably since I went to Savusavu, I have really just let the mission mold me into what the Lord wants me to be and it has been so awesome to see how much I have changed for the good, but I am still me. The spirit was way strong as I was saying it and I really felt like not only was it a huge moment for me to realize that and let that continue in my mission, but I know that because it was by the spirit it was able to help all the Elders that were there too. Way sweet.

There was also another sweet thing that was shared by one of the sister missionaries in the other training where she said "be the missionary that my parents are praying for" I think that it really hit all of the sisters and me as well that all of our parents are praying so hard for us and think we are the best missionaries ever so we really need to live up to that. It was really good.

Another cool thing that happened this week is that we have these investigators that are straight from China and speak very little English. It is way cool though because we just get to teach them so simply and realize that power of the simple principles of the gospel. But they are the bomb. We set a baptismal date with them and they will be getting baptized at the end of this month. Their names are Kevin and Yungyung, and we also started teaching another guy there named Lou. I already love them all so much. They are awesome people. It is really the first time I have taught people that didn't have a Christian background so it is cool to see how much they love to know the things about Christ. The coolest thing is when they pray because they do it in english and they are just way sincere.

Yesterday we also drove again to the other side of the island to Nadi with President to go and do another missionary fireside. It was way awesome. There was some recent converts that bore their testimonies and they were way powerful. Then we got to drive Presidents car home by ourselves haha that was pretty cool. We also had a new intake that came in this week from New Zealand. It was 3 Fijians. They are all way cool. We had to do all of their orientation and stuff. On the 20th is when the intake comes from Provo. 

Alright well I love you all so much! Thanks for being the bomb. Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma levu, Elder Hawk

PS: That is a picture of me with a Tabua (Whales tooth) I've got to get one for when I come home. They are way sweet.

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