Monday, November 12, 2012

Levu na veivakavulici (lots of lessons)

Ni sa bula vinaka noqu matavuvale!

Well it sounds like everything is going good back home! That is cool about the regional conference thing. I finally got to go to church this week in both of the wards that we cover and it was way awesome. The English ward that we cover is probably the strongest ward in Fiji, and it is where like the temple president and President Klingler and a bunch of the senior couples go so that helps it out a ton. It feels a lot more like church at home, which is good in ways but I kind of miss the small branch jungle feel ha. President Klingler was gone pretty much this whole week to a mission presidents conference in New Zealand. They told him there that by the end of next year we will have 150 missionaries here in the mission!! That is almost double, right now there are 80. It is going to be sooo awesome.There are going to be a lot of new areas opening up and things and other areas will get the extra attention that they need. It is really cool how we get to work so closely with President and how he shares with us all of the things that he learns from meetings and from General authorities he gets to meet with and just things he has learned in life. I know that I have already learned so much from him since I have been here. I think that I might be AP for a while and then get released to go and open up an area and maybe train again. I think that would be so awesome. We will see though. Everyone who has been called as an AP has finished as the AP, but there also hasn't been any for 8 months either so I think I got a chance haha I am not going to worry about it though. I will work my hardest and do my best wherever the Lord wants me.

This week was really good too because we actually got to teach quite a few lessons. We have way good investigators that are getting close to baptism. We have Kevin and Yungyung, those chinese people that should be getting baptized next week. They are so awesome. The mom and another guy that lives there even came to church this week so that was exciting. One day this week we taught them about Faith and we read Alma 32 about how faith is like a seed and Yungyung the boy said the prayer at the end and in his very broken english he said "I now know that I have a seed inside of me, please help me to make it grow strong" It was way cool. They have so much faith and it is so cool to see how much this gospel changes peoples lives. We also started teaching another Chinese couple this week named Shelly and Tony. They just started coming to church because they want their kid to go to LDS primary school but they are way awesome. They have very broken english too and have really no christian background so it is really fun to teach them too. It is so great to see how much these people need the gospel in their lives and how as they learn about it they can feel of its importance to them and they realize so many things about life that they never even have thought about before. We also have another investigator named Apanisa. He is 24 and he is kind of a wild guy. His grandma is a super strong member and so she wanted us to teach him. He has such a strong desire to change and he really realizes the importance of the gospel and our message and how this is what he needs to change his life around. I love him so much. I love all of these people so much even though I have just barely started meeting and teaching them. I love that love that we feel for others as we share the gospel with them. I always feel like Heavenly Father helps us to feel that love for them, just so that we can get a tiny little glimpse of what His love is like for them. We have some other way awesome investigators too but I will talk about them some other time haha

This week we also got to go to some nice dinners ha one night we went with one of the Senior couples, Elder and Sister Terry. I had grilled Mahimahi and it was soo good. I was telling them that I am pretty sure that was the first time I have ever ordered fish from a restaurant haha I am so excited that I have broken all of those stupid picky eating habits that I had before my mission haha There is so much amazing food that I was missing out on!!

O yeah, there is this lady in our ward here and I told her I was from AZ and she said she has a sister that lives there and I asked her where and she said Gilbert! She actually was in Gilbert last year to visit. Pretty crazy. You should try to find her. She is a member. Her name is Kiti Sheffett. I don't know if that is spelled right or not ha

Well this next week we get to go to Levuka which is another little island right off of this main island. They havent had that area opened for a few years but one of the Zone Leaders go out there every few months and we get to go with them because they have baptismal interviews! It was the old capitol of Fiji back in the day. I heard it is a way cool place. I will make sure to take lots of pics since I haven't taken like any since I came here haha

Well au lomani kemudou sara vakalevu! Im still livin' the dream!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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