Sunday, November 18, 2012


Bula Vinaka!!

Well, this week was way awesome. Lots of really cool and fun experiences. I don't have a whole lot of time to write, so I will try to get as much in as I can.

First off, this last Tuesday was a huge Indian holiday called Diwali. It is like Christmas and the 4th of July combined haha All the Indians decorate their houses in lights and they light of TONS of fireworks. They actually have some pretty sweet fireworks in Fiji and they were going off EVERYWHERE on Diwali night. That night we went to our landlords house which is upstairs and had a ton of Indian sweets that they make and Indian food and stuff like that. It was pretty fun. This week we also got to eat with a couple of the senior couples for dinner. They are all the coolest people ever! haha I guess that is a requirement to serve in Fiji, you have to be awesome... haha

This week we also spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to buy all of the plane tickets and bus tickets to get everyone in here and around and stuff for the mission tour and the Christmas party and stuff. Lots and lots of planning and things. It will definitely help me out a lot later in life to have planned all kinds of stuff like that. We spent so much money that we maxed out our credit card and had to start using other peoples church credit cards haha crazy. I think all of the Christmas and mission tour stuff should be really good though. I am really excited about it.

This week was really cool too because we finally got our Chinese lesson pamphlets that we can now use to teach all of these Chinese investigators that we have. They LOVED them. Everything just started clicking so much better with them now that they could see it and read it in their own language. Kevin and Yungyung will probably be getting baptized really soon. I really love that family so much. The mom too is now getting a lot more interested and asking questions and stuff. This week we also got a way awesome new investigator. His name is Filipe. He is the son of one of the old time members in our ward, Sister Sinu. He is like 50. He was in the Fijian military for a long time and was in Sinai and Lebanon for a few years. He is such an awesome guy. We had a way good intro lesson with him. The spirit was super strong in the lesson. I love how every time we teach lessons and we feel  the spirit that strong and we see these people that have such a great desire to get the gospel and stuff that it strengthens my own testimony so much. I am truly so much more converted to this gospel now than I ever was at home, and I know there is nothing else that I could have done with the last year and a half of my life that could have helped me to learn all of the amazing things that I have learned and experienced. Really can't even begin to explain how grateful and blessed I feel to be here and to be serving my mission especially in Fiji.

Well the highlight of the week was definitely going to Levuka. On Thursday we got on a bus which took us to the boat and then it was like an hour boat ride to the island and than another half hour bus ride to the other side where the town is. It is such a cool place! It was established way back in the 1800's and it was the old capitol of Fiji for a while. That is where the pictures on this email are from. That is the chapel out there. The first night we got there we were supposed to sleep in the chapel but we couldn't find anyone that had the keys so we slept in this hotel haha than the 2nd night we slept in the chapel. I will show you the shower in the chapel haha it was just a hose up of the wall. Pretty cold water. It was so much fun though. Me and Elder Mema'ofa walked for 2 hours one way to get to this village to go and see some people. It was way awesome because the road is literally right on the ocean around the island. We saw this big iguana on our walk haha it was pretty sweet. We actually almost stepped on it because we didn't see it. Then on Friday morning we got on the bus and the boat and than the other bus at 4 in the morning. It was a way good trip though. I think that it will get opened back up to Elders soon.

This morning we went golfing!!! It was me Elder Estill, Elder Whiting and Elder Tennis. It was SO much fun! I actually did alright considering how long it has been haha I pared 2 of the par 3s. Hit some way good shots there. I will send some more pictures of that today.

Well sounds like you guys will be having an awesome Thanksgiving! You should try to send me a video of something of the wrestling matches. We have a new intake of 5 coming from the MTC that day so we will be having Thanksgiving dinner at Presidents house with all of them that night. Should be pretty sweet.

Well, au lomani kemodou!!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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