Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vaqara beka (hunting for bats)

Bats hanging in the tree
"A hunting we will go"

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Man, this week just flew by, but that isn’t really anything new I guess. What
is that boys state thing that Rand is going to Flagstaff for? Is it for
freestyle? That is funny that the missionaries brought that Thomas S. Monson
movie over to watch because we did that same thing with some members this week
haha That movie is way awesome though. I have seen it quite a few times since I
have been out. President Monson is the man. Crazy to see how the Lord prepares
his servants from the time that they are so young. This week was a little bit
of a rough week just because so many of our investigators aren’t in town right
now. A lot of them have just gone to other places for different reasons so
hopefully they come back this week. This next week should be way fun. We are
going on exchanges and I get to go to Burewai's area. It is a way cool area. On
Tuesday I will get to ride a bilibili (bamboo raft) across a big river to go
teach one of their investigators.
Well this week for service on Thursday we went out to Waimalua because last
week they told us about this huge tree out in the jungle where TONS of bats go
and hang on it during the day. So we went out there Thursday morning and did
some service and then me, Elder Tamuera and Lekima headed out into the jungle
haha I felt like I was in a movie. I had my sele and we were like chopping our
way through the jungle and it was pouring rain. It was way cool. I wish I could
like show you guys on google earth where we were because it is pretty crazy
haha So we get out there and we finally find the tree and there are a few
hundred bats hanging on this thing. That is what that picture is of. And that
is just one little section of the tree. We were trying to throw sticks up there
to knock them down so that we could eat them again but they were too high up
and the jungle was too thick to get a clear shot at them. If we had a shotgun
we could have killed sooo many. I took some way sweet videos while we were out
there haha I will have to send this card home sometime soon so you guys can
So on Friday it was Elder Stocks birthday and Elder Stocks comp was up in the
box with us because he was on exchanges with Elder Yashko and so on Friday
morning us 4 from the box all rode down to switch them back and so that we
could have a birthday breakfast with Elder Stock. It was pretty fun haha
On Sunday it was my yaca's (namesakes) bogi va, which is just like a
celebration they do in Fiji like the week after the child is born. So after
church on Sunday we went over to Bro. Tabua's house and we had a huge feast.
They made a lovo, which is the earth oven thing, and we had pork and beef and
fish and all kinds of way good food. I ate soo much. Then I gave 2 big bars of
this laundry soap as my gift for my namesake haha that is like a Fijian tradition
too because they will have to wash so many clothes having a baby. They all
thought it was pretty cool that I did that.
Well other than that the rest of the week was pretty normal. This next week
should be a lot better. We have planned to set baptismal dates with 8 more
people this next week so hopefully that all works out. I would really like to
get a couple more of these people baptized before I get transferred. I think I
will get transferred on the transfer that is in like 3 weeks but you never know.
O yeah, remember that story I told you guys last week about how we gave that
DVD to that kid that day and then they called us and things? Well the ZL's went
and taught them and they said they are awesome, we are staying with the ZL's
this weekend so tonight we are going on splits with them and I am going to get
to go and teach them. I think it will be really powerful when I can tell them
the whole story about how we even ended up out in that koro and everything that
day. Should be pretty cool. Well sorry this email isnt as long as usual ha you
guys are all the bomb. I love you guys so much. Au lomani kemudou!!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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