Monday, June 18, 2012

Bau Island!

 Our District visiting Bau Island

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!!
Sorry my email is a little late today. This morning our district got to go out to this tiny little island called Bau. It is the one we tried to go to a couple months ago but it didnt work out. It was way awesome. We got to ride this little tiny fiber boat out there. It is super close to the main island. It only took like 3 minutes in the boat haha I heard when it is low tide you can even walk out there. It is a tiny little island but it has a ton of history because that is where like the highest chiefly family of Fiji is from. It used to be like the political center of Fiji. It was way sweet. We kind of got in trouble because to be able to go out there you are supposed to like get permission from a certain chief and bring a gift and stuff and we were going to do that but this member guy that lives out there said we didnt need to, but then when we got out there someone else said we did. But we just talked to one chief guy and he said it was ok and he actually took us on a tour of the whole island and explained a bunch of the history and stuff. It was way sweet. All the pictures on this email are from there today. Probably all the pics I send today will be from that.
As far as the rest of the week goes we had a really good week. We had 2 people pass their baptismal interviews so we should be having 2 baptisms next week. Transfers will come in this Satuday. I really have no idea if I will get transferred or not. It could really go either way. I would be totally fine with staying here in Korovou. But it would also be nice to just have something new too. I just really want to stay in an area where I can just speak Fijian all the time.
This week we found 2 way awesome new investigators. We went to some members house one day to teach a lesson to some other people in that koro but before the people we were supposed to teach came to the house another guy just came in and then the people we were supposed to teach came in and we started the lesson and it was about the restoration. The one guy that just happened to be there loved it and then at the end of the lesson he told us that he feels like it is God talking to him and guiding him because he just happened to walk over to the house and then saw we were sharing a message so decided to stay. It was way awesome. And then the other way good guy we found was when we went back to teach that family from Kiribati. We went to teach them and there was a Fijian guy in there and so we just started sharing with him too. It was way cool because Elder Tamuera was teaching that family from Kiribati in his language and then I was teaching that guy in Fijian and then sometimes we would be speaking English too. So it was like a tri-lingual lesson haha it was way sweet. But the one Fijian guy was way interested and loved it and so was one of the boys from the Kiribati family.
On Tuesday we also got to do a little sevusevu (Fijian gift ceremony thing) out in Naloto, that one koro that we have trying to open. We just went with our member guy out there and we went to the chiefs house and did the little ceremony and gave him a thing of yaqona (kava). It was pretty sweet. That was just the little tiny sevusevu to let him know that we want to open the koro so that he can announce it in their koro meeting and pick a date for us to come and do the actually sevusevu to open the koro where we will give the tabua (whales tooth). Way cool.
We are having zone conference tomorrow so that will be awesome. We will get to eat some good food haha sounds like everything is going really good back at home. That is way sweet you guys will be going to the cabin next week. Happy fathers day dad! I will probably write you another email. Au lomani kemudou!! O yeah also for my year mark all I want is new white shirts that are a smaller size. Like 15-15 1/2 or whatever neck size a size medium is. Maybe just buy one first and send it to me and I can try it and then you can send me some more if it is good. Vinaka!!
Loloma, Elder Hawk

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