Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vavavi! (lovo/earth oven)

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

This week was probably one of the funniest weeks of my mission so far. We did a
ton of way fun stuff. I have been thinking that I will be getting transferred
in 2 weeks and I kind of felt like I wanted to but this week made me not want
to get transferred just yet. haha I love the people in this area so much
and I have gotten really close with a lot of the members.

So I think that last Monday I told you about how that night we were going to
get to go teach that family that we found from giving that DVD to that boy in
that random koro. So we went to teach them that night and it was way awesome.
It is a family and a grandma and grandpa. We started teaching them the first
lesson and they were just talking about how good all of the stuff was and then
at the end of the lesson the grandpa came back from some meeting thing and told
us that he already told the family that they need to join this church and
started talking about how he loves what we taught about eternal families and he
knows it is true and stuff and then at the end I bore them my testimony and I
told them the whole story about how we ended up even going to that koro that
day and how I have hardly ever given out many DVDs on my mission and I had
never just given people our phone number before that day and stuff and I bore
my testimony that we were lead to them that day so that they could receive the
blessings of this gospel and they thought that it was the coolest thing ever
and said they know it was meant from God that we met that day and stuff. It was
a way cool experience. We are staying at the ZL's flat again so that we can go
with them to teach them again tonight.

On Tuesday to Thursday we went on exchanges and I went up to Burewai's area
with Elder Palmer. On Tuesday night we got to cross a river on bamboo rafts, it
was way sweet. And then on Wednesday and Friday we went up to a place called
Saioko which is like way up on the North side of the island. It looks way
different up there. It looks more like a forest you would find in America, not
like the jungles of Fiji. It is right on the ocean though and it is gorgeous.
That one building with the horse in the picture is the chapel for them in
Saioko. That is also where the Elders sleep so we slept in there that night. It
was a way fun exchange. Then on Friday we did a lovo just at our flat. It was
way sweet. It was just us 4 missionaries and a couple of boys from the koro.
The food was SOO good. We will for sure have to do one like that when I come
home. haha

Then on Saturday we took a boy named Iliki with us to go and teach. We had a
good day and then we were in Korovou town and I saw some people that looked
like they could be from Kiribati or Rabi and so I told Elder Tamuera and so we
went and talked to them and he was just talking to them in his/their language
and then he told me that the girl was actually one of his best friends from
back home! She said that she just lived not too far away so we all walked to
their house and it was like a big family of all these people from Kiribati and
it ended up that we started teaching them and Elder Tamuera was teaching them
in their language and me and Iliki were kind of just sitting there watching but
it was way cool haha they know English too so I said a few things but it was
way cool to see Elder Tamuera just talking to them in their language. So now we
have this whole family of investigators that speak his language. Pretty

We have a couple people that are getting close to baptism.
One is an old man out in Waimalua named Livai. If you see him
he just looks like an old hobo that has smoked WAY too much in his
life, but he is the man. I wasn’t there to teach him on Wednesday because we
were on exchanges so we went back out there on Sunday to teach him again and to
start the lesson I just asked him what he thought about the Book of Mormon and
Joseph Smith and things and he almost started crying and bore his testimony
that it was all true and he has already stopped smoking. It was way powerful.
He is the man. So humble. I love that so much about the people here. I know
that it has made me more that way too.

Well I think that is pretty much it for this week.
We got a bunch of referrals this last week so this week
we should be getting some good new investigators. The work is going really
awesome here in Fiji right now, and I think this next month when the mission
splits it will just take off even more. I am excited to see how things go.
Sounds like everything is still going good with all of you! I will be at my
year mark in like 3 weeks! Insane. AU LOMANI KEMUDOU!!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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