Sunday, June 24, 2012


Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well yes I did get transferred. I am back in Suva haha In an English ward, but
I am the district leader. It was super hard to leave Korovou. When I was
leaving the Tabua's house I gave Bro. Tabua a hug and he just held onto me for
like 3 minutes and he was crying and I was crying, it really sucked. I felt
like I was leaving my family again. Suva will be fun. My comp is a Fijian so I
will still be able to speak Fijian a lot. And now that I know Fijian good it doesn’t
really matter as much where I go because there will always be people to speak
Fijian too. It will be pretty crazy being the district leader. I am not really
looking forward to having sisters in my district though haha they are the only
ones that ever have problems. The ones that are in my district though are cool
ones. It was sad to leave Elder Tamuera too, I love that kid. He is the man.
Well this week was a really good week. For a few days me and Elder Yashko went
on exchanges up into his area, Burewai. Their area is all up the coast so it
was way sweet. And we tried to take this different road that goes to the 2
different parts of their area and it was probably the most beautiful place I
have ever been in my life. We were like way up this mountain and the ocean was
just right there. It was so sweet. While we were on the exchange we saw a huge
snake that this guy caught in the jungle. That is what that picture is of. It
was insane. There are like hardly any snakes at all on this main island because
there are millions of mongoose. It was crazy though. I was hoping they were
going to go cook it up and eat it because I wanted to try it but they didn’t
We also had our 2 baptisms this week which was really good. Elder Tamuera got
to baptize the little girl so that was way awesome. And then the other old man
that we baptized, his younger brother who is a member and just went through the
temple for the first time like last week baptized him so that was way awesome
too. I can’t believe that I have baptized 18 people already in my mission. A
lot of the best investigators that I had while I was in Korovou aren’t baptized
yet just because they went to other places for a little while and haven’t come
back yet. The Elder that is getting transferred there now is pretty old in the
mission but his Fijian is terrible so I am a little worried about it. Elder
Tamuera will do good though.
We also had zone conference on Tuesday which was way awesome. I love zone
conferences. This one was probably the most spiritual one that I have been to
so far. It was so good. After zone conference our district had to go to
Presidents house for interviews because our areas are farther away and we were
waiting in there and then Sister Klingler came in and she made us pancakes!! It
was so amazing haha she is the bomb. This week was one of the funnest weeks
Its insane that only one year from now I will be back home and we will all be
going the cabin. That will be so fun. But I am happy that I still have a whole
year left. I am still having the time of my life. Thank you so much for all of
your support. I love you all so much. Au lomani kemudou vakalevu sara!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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