Monday, April 16, 2012

Veiqaravi Vinaka (good service)

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

I can't believe that it is Monday again already. The time is just flying by.
This week went by especially fast for some reason. And we will have a lot of
stuff going on this next week too so I am sure it will be another fast week
too. I still haven’t gotten the package with the poison rules shirt in it,
which I am way bummed about, but hopefully I will get it soon. We are in Suva
today with Elder Stock and his comp because we had to come get the registration
on the truck renewed, and Stocks comp had to get some stuff so that he can get
his Fiji drivers license.
This week was a really good week. We haven’t been having quite as many lessons
lately as we were before but a lot more are progressing better now and we also
got some new good investigators this week that will hopefully work out. We have
been teaching this one family for a while, when we first started teaching them
the mom was awesome and she always asked a ton of really good questions. The
last few weeks though they have seemed not really interested but the mom always
said that she was still praying about the Book Of Mormon and stuff so I knew
that she would get her answer at some point. So this week we went to teach them
and I asked her if she was still praying and she said yes, so I asked her if she
has felt like she received an answer and she said yes, I really thought she was
going to say she received an answer that it is not true, but she said that she
knows that it is true because she has been praying about it and whenever she
thinks about it and prays about it she feels peace. It was awesome. So we
should be setting a baptismal date with her and probably 3 of her kids this
week. The husband is a really nice guy but he never sits in on the lessons, so
this week I decided we would go and do service for them on Thursday morning
because that is our time for service every week. They live in a village that is
not too far from our village if you walk along a short cut that just goes
through the bush. I had never been that way because we always just drive but I
decided it would be cool to take it. So I got my sele (machete) and we took the
short cut. That is where we found that sweet river where I am standing at that
little water fall type thing in that one picture. So we were trying to find our
way up to the village because we didn’t even tell them we were going to come or
anything but we finally made it up and I could see the village just a little
ways off, but we ran into this other guy from the village that I have talked to
before and I told him where we were going and he said "O their dad is just
right up on that hill working in his farm" so we just went up there to
find him and help him for service. So we get up to where he is and it ends up
there are like 10 guys from the village there clearing this big hill for
planting tavioka. So I ask them if we can help and they thought it was way
awesome. So we helped them clear off like the whole hill side and then planted
some tavioka. I think they were way shocked at how hard we were working haha
they kept telling us to take a rest but we wouldn’t. So then after we were all
just sitting up on the hill resting and they asked me to say a prayer and stuff
so I did. It was way cool because I think a lot of them didn’t really like the
missionaries and stuff before but now they have a ton more respect for us. And
hopefully it will soften the dads heart too so that he will take the lessons.
We also had a way cool experience at church this week. We went out to go to
church in Waimalua, at that tin shack out in the bush that I sent you the
picture of last week. We just set a baptismal date with a young couple that
lives out there and they haven’t ever gone to church yet so I told them they
need to go to church a few times to be baptized. They live way out in the place
that we have to hike to so to get to church they have to hike that trail too
and they have a little tiny baby. So we got to church out there and there was
like no one there but the family that lives at that house because it was
dumping rain. So we just started church and then a little later one of our
other investigators from out there showed up so that was awesome. So some more
time goes by and then Solo and Va show up! That is that couple. It was awesome.
They walked probably an hour, on a crappy muddy trail up and down hills through
the jungle, in the rain, with their little baby to get to church. It was
awesome. It really made me realize how little I really appreciated the gospel
before my mission. I know I probably wouldn’t have been willing to do that and
they aren’t even members and they did it.
Well those were really the highlights of the week. We also went to this really
cool village that is like right on the ocean that I don’t think missionaries
have ever really been to before so that was pretty cool. We had a referral out
there. I also gave a few blessings to some sick ward members this week and it
was awesome because I did it all in Fijian. I don’t think that many Elders do
that just because they are scared they won’t be able to say what they want to
or need to, that is how I was before but I just decided to go for it last week
and I gave one last week and it was awesome, and I gave 2 more this week. It is
way better than doing it in English. I think it means a lot more to them when
we do it in Fijian. Sounds like everything is still going good at home! This
week we get to come into Suva again on Friday for Leadership training so that
should be awesome. Me and Elder Stock will get to go because we are training.
It should be way fun. Sister Klingler always cooks amazing food for things like
that so it will be awesome haha Well keep being awesome! Au lomani kemudou!!
Loloma, Elder Hawk

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