Sunday, April 22, 2012

Konfiredi ni iteki (stake conference)

Ni sa bula vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Man.. the weeks are starting to just feel like one day. Time is going by WAY
too fast! This week went by especially fast too because we had a lot of extra
stuff going on. I am SO excited to skype you guys again in 3 weeks! I can’t
believe that the last time we skyped was already almost 5 months ago! That is
so insane to me. That email that grandpa wrote is awesome haha he is the man. I
am so excited that they will be living right there by us all the time when I
get home. It sounds like you guys had a ton of fun in Florida! That is way
awesome. How did you like the island life for a week!? It’s the best haha
Well, this week was filled with trips to Suva. I know last Monday I told you
about how we were in Suva for our truck registration thing, I can’t remember if
I told you this story but the guy at the car place looked at my tag to see what
my name was and for whatever reason he got the Elder part right but he didn’t
read straight across he jumped down to the word "Jisu" and so he kept
calling me Elder Jisu and I just let it happen because it was so funny haha it
was some Indian guy. So he called me on the phone to tell me the truck was done
and he was calling me Elder Jisu and I was cracking up haha it was awesome.
So on Friday all of us trainers and all the other leaders in the mission got to
go into Suva to mission president’s house (which is the nicest house in Fiji)
and we had leadership training. It was the bomb. We had a ton of way good
trainings and it was just way fun to be with all of the other leaders and
stuff. There are so many way awesome Elders in this mission. We have so much
fun but we still work hard and get the work done. Before the training Sister
Klingler made us all waffles and pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. It
was amazing ha and then for lunch we had hamburgers and thick milkshakes and
fruit salad and stuff like that. Definitely the best meals I have had since the
On Saturday we went to this Koro called Dakuinuku where not many missionaries
have been before and it is like right on the ocean and we went to find this
girl who is a referral that we got (ends up she is a member) but she wasn’t
there but there was just this old guy in the house and I just got this feeling
that we should ask him if we could share a message with him, and he is Fijian
so of course he let us in and said we could. So he is like super old and has
been in the Methodist church forever just like most of the old Fijians but we
started sharing about the restoration and he was WAY interested in it. The
spirit was so strong and I was just spitting out Fijian like I have spoken it
for years. I know that is one of the best ways for me at least to know if the
spirit is in the lesson, how well my Fijian is. The spirit is the biggest part
of learning a language this quick and there are so many examples of it every
day. So he was way into it and then one of his other daughters who is older too
was in there too and she was way into it too so we gave them some BOM's and we
are going back next week. I really hope it works out. It was way awesome.
Another way awesome thing this week is that we finally got to go to this Koro
called Naloto which is also right on the ocean and it is a huge koro. There is
just one member family there but they are probably some of the best members in
Fiji. He is in the High council and she has a stake calling too. They are the
Rokotuiloma's. So this koro has a lot of people that want to take lessons but
it was been closed to us missionaries for a long time but last week I was
talking to Bishop and some other people and they said it is ready to open. So
we just have to get it cleared with mission president and the stake president
and they will find a tabua (whales tooth) and we will get to go do the sevusevu
ceremony where we present the village the whales tooth and then we will be able
to go and preach there. It will be SO awesome. The Rokotuiloma's said they will
help all of our investigators in there go to church and stuff every week so it
will be so sweet. I am way excited for it. The picture I sent of the ocean and
those houses is just where we parked the truck to walk into the koro. I will
get some more sweet pictures out there soon because it is so beautiful.
We also had stake conference this week. It was an area broadcast for the whole
Pacific. The General Primary President, and one of the counselors in the
General Sunday School presidency spoke. And then Elder Baxter of the seventy
spoke, and then Russel M. Nelson spoke. It was way good. There was a TON of
people there. We just had 2 of our investigators that were able to come down
for it. It could have been alot more but the carrier that was supposed to go
get the people from Waimalua couldnt get there because the bridge had flooded
Sounds like everything is going awesome at home. O yeah I also finished that
journal that you gave me mom! Filled the whole thing. I am pretty proud of how
good I have been about writing in it. I wasn’t that great at doing it every day
at first but the last few months I haven’t missed many days. I know that I will
be so happy to have it later on in life. I have already started on my 2nd one
haha I got to keep it up! Alright well you guys are all the bomb! Thanks for
always supporting me so much! Au lomani kemudou vakalevu sara!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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