Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sa tau bi na uca!! (Raining hard!)

Ni Sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!!

Well this week has been crazy. It was pretty much like a miny hurricane this
whole week. The whole west side of the island is totally flooded again..and
this time they said that it is worse than the one that happened in January. And
the rest of this week there is supposed to be another tropical cyclone that is
going to hit that side. It is going to be crazy. So this week that stopped the
work a little bit at times but we still had a way awesome week.
So on Wednesday we always go out to that way crazy bush area called Waimalua
where we like hike through the jungle for 30 minutes and it was raining of
coarse ha but we went on our hike anyways and got super muddy and wet but it
was awesome. Once we got down there we got 2 new investigators that just showed
up at the Toroca's house for church last week. Then when we hiked back up we
went to another house and there was probably like 10 people in there and about
5 of them were members but the rest werent and so I just asked if we could share
a message and I ended up teaching the whole restoration to them and they were
all like way into it and said to come teach them again when we come out there
this week. It was awesome. Then we got back to the Toroca's house and some guys
there said that a huge mango tree had fallen in the road and that we wouldnt be
able to make it back. So we thought we were going to have to sleep out there
again but we went to just check and the people had come and chopped the tree
all up and moved it out of the way. It was a HUGE tree though.
So we also had 2 of our baptisms this week. The other 2 that live out there in
Waimalua went into Suva for a funeral so they weren’t able to get baptized but
they should be back soon so it will still work out. But the story about the
baptism is pretty crazy. So on Sunday it had already been raining for like 4
days straight and it was POURING. So we went up to the chapel to get ready for
the baptism and I get a call from the stake president who is from that village
that our church house is by and he says that his mom just died that morning in
that village and asked if we could take her body to the hospital. So we went
with Bro. Tabua and they put her body in the back of the truck (she was at
least small enough to shut the tail gate so no one had to sit back there like
the last dead body we had to take) And it was pouring rain so we just like put
a tarp and stuff over her and drove her body to the hospital. That is already
the 2nd time in 2 months that I have taken a dead body in the back of that
truck haha pretty crazy.
Well after all that we went back up to the chapel and bishop said that we were
just going to do the baptism and then have sacrament meeting and be done. There
was a ton of people there so it was way awesome. I got to baptize Luisa and it
was way cool to do the baptism prayer in Fijian. There were some members from
Waimalua and they were supposed to get a carrier to bring them into church at
the Korovou ward this week but no cars could get out there because it is totally
flooded so some of the members swam across the flood and walked probably
another 10 kilometers to get there. Way awesome. Fiji is the bomb.
Everything is going good with the training and everything. Elder Tamuera is the
man. His knowledge of the gospel and the lessons and stuff isnt that great and
so I told him he should study PMG a lot and pretty much any free time we have
had (which was more than usual this week because of the floods) I have seen him
studying from PMG and like writing notes on it and stuff. It will be so cool to
see him progress and be part of helping him do it.
O so that picture of the fish head is from a YSA activity that we organized. We
cooked a bunch of fish heads like that up and ate them. It was awesome haha
Alright well I hope you guys enjoy this huge email this week. haha Au lomani

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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