Sunday, April 8, 2012

First X-Ray!!!

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well as you can probably tell from the subject this was a pretty crazy week, as
always I guess haha So on Monday we were all playing sports like always at the
chapel and we were playing touch rugby and I had kicked the ball and so me and
another Elder were chasing it and we both kind of like dove for it and I
reached out for the ball and my hand was on it and he fell right on top of my
arm and it bent way back farther than it ever should, and I could hear and feel
like a crunching. (but my hand was on the ball for a second and it was in the
try zone so I did score... haha) So I got up and I could not move my arm at all
and the whole thing was totally numb. I wasn’t really sure how bad it was
because I have never broken my arm but it definitely didnt feel too good. So
everyone was kind of freaking out about it a little bit and I was just like, no
worries it will be alright ha but it was hurting pretty good and the AP's were
there so they called the mission nurse guy and he said I should go into Suva
and get it X-rayed. So the AP's took me and Elder Tamuera into the hospital in
Suva and then they take me into the X-ray room and they wouldn’t let the
mission nurse guy or my comp come in so it was just me and this young Indian
girl in this dark little room and then she told me to take my shirt off. I kind
of thought she was joking at first but she wasn’t. So I took my shirt off and
then she comes up behind me reaches her arms around me and puts the protective
skirt thing on me for the X-ray. It was really awkward especially being a
missionary haha and she definitely wasn’t being shy about smiling and staring
at me. So then they are taking all these x-rays and another Indian lady comes
in and they are speaking Hindi to each other and just giggling and then they
tell me they are doing another x-ray and the lady said "alright now put
your arm up like this like your flexing your muscle" and they both were
giggling haha so I had to do that and they took another x-ray like that. (not
really sure if that one was necessary ha) But it ended up it was anything with
the bones so that was good. It still hurts at times but it should be all good
soon. I asked the doctor if I could take the x-rays so I have them haha
So that was a pretty exciting start to our week. After that there was the big
huge funeral in the village by our flat for that old lady whose body we took to
the hospital dead body freezer thing last week. Funerals in Fiji last like the
whole week and they just feast like all day every day and drink grog. But the
lady was the stake president’s mom so they had the funeral at the chapel up in
that village so on Thursday we were the ushers at the funeral. There was a ton
of people there and after it we got to go to the big huge feast and it was way
good. They had just killed the cow and they just chopped it into huge chunks
that were just hanging up. It was pretty sweet. So because of the funeral and
stuff we didn’t have a very good week as far as teaching goes just because
everyone was doing stuff but for that but it was still a pretty good week.
On Wednesday when we went out to Waimalua (which is that way bush place we hike
to) the member guy that always goes with us wasn’t there because he was at the
funeral, but we hiked out there anyways and we took a lot of way awesome pictures
that I will send to you guys today. We set 2 more baptismal dates out there so
that will be awesome. Another day we had taught a few lessons but mostly
everything was just falling through and it was like 730 at night so I was just
going to head back to the flat but I just felt like we should go see this
investigator named Simi. He is like never home because he is always working but
I just felt like we should go try. So we went and he wasn’t home but as we were
walking away another girl came out of the house and asked us if we could come
in and teach them. So we ended up teaching a really good lesson to her and
these 3 other boys and they were asking if they could come to church next week
and stuff so it was awesome. It was one of those moments where I was so glad
that I had listened to that prompting from the spirit to go and see Simi even
though that wasn’t even who we were meant to see.
Yesterday we came down and stayed in Wainibokasi with Elder Stock and his comp
because we went to watch conference at the stake center in Naulu. The place was
packed and so like all of us missionaries were sitting down in the isles of the
chapel on the floor haha It was really cool. Conference was really awesome, as
always. I cant wait to watch the Saturday sessions and especially the
priesthood session, that is always my favorite. Hopefully we can figure out a
way to get copies of them. This week I also finished reading the New Testament
and the Pearl of Great Price. So now all I have left to read in the standard
works is the Old Testament which I started today. It has been really awesome to
be able to read and study all of that. I have never really known a whole lot
about the Bible but I have really liked reading it. I know the some of the Old
Testament might change my mind about that though haha
So last night we went on splits with Wainibokasi and I went with Stocks trainee
Elder Ledoux. We went and taught this really young couple and they are soo
awesome. Probably some of the most prepared people to receive the gospel that I
have ever seen. Elder Ledoux is brand new too and so I had to do most of the
teaching because it was all in Fijian. We taught about the spirit world and the
resurrection and the three kingdoms. They were asking all kinds of these really
deep doctrine questions and I was just spitting back all of these awesome
answers all in Fijian. After the lesson (which was one of the funniest lessons
I have ever taught just because the spirit was so strong and they were such
good investigators) I was just driving and thinking about how amazing it is
that I was just explaining all of these crazy things all in Fijian and I didn’t
ever feel like I didn’t know how to say something or anything like that, it was
all just flowing right out. It is so amazing how much the spirit helps us
missionaries in learning these languages. And it is so fun being at the point
where I can just communicate with the people normally and say really anything
that I want. Just more reasons why I am having the time of my life!
Well this is a really huge email so I hope you enjoy it haha
That will be way awesome if you get to see Sister Maiwiriwiri and she can
translate that stuff!! Hopefully she will think my Fijian is good haha
You guys are the best.. seriously, conference talked a ton about families and
I just kept thinking how blessed we are to have the best family in the world!

Au lomani kemudou!!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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