Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ni Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!!

Well as you may be able to tell from the subject of this email this week was pretty crazy. At least one of the days. So I will just start from that. So as you know last week I was really sick but I was feeling a lot better on Tuesday when we got back up to our area but then Wednesday morning I woke up and I had a big time migraine, and wednesdays are the days that we go out to that crazy jungle place that we have to hike for like half an hour. But of course I did not want to be a wimp so we went. When we got out there it was POURING rain. So we were hiking in the pouring rain and I slipped multiple times and got all muddy all while having this stupid migraine. So we finally get all the way out there and we teach a few lessons but it was pouring rain this whole time and to get back we have to drive on a bridge that goes over this river and we thought it might be getting flooded so we started our hike back. On the hike back there is another smaller river that we cross that just has these 2 big logs that we walk across as a bridge, so when we got there the water was flooded over the logs so we couldnt even see the logs. So we just figured out where the logs were with our feet and pretty much just slowly skooted along the log with our feet because we couldnt even see the logs at all . I almost fell into the water once but I caught myself so it was all good ha so we finally get back up to where the truck is and start the drive back.This whole time it has not stopped pouring rain. So we drive for a while and get about 75 feet from where the bridge is and that is where the water line now was. It had flooded completely over the bridge by along ways so there was no way for us to get back. so we parked the truck and at this time it was like 4:30. We decided all we could really do was wait there for the rain to stop and the water level to go back down enough for us to cross. So long story short we sat there for 4 hours... so now it is 8:30 at night, pitch black outside and the water has not gone down at all... and I still have a migraine haha soElder Seila calls some members that live back out in Waimalua that bush place that we had just come from, so we turn the truck around drive back out there and stayed the night in a little tin shack out in the bush. When we woke up the next morning we drove back and the flood had gone down enough for us to get across. It was a pretty awesome experience haha It would have been way awesome and I would have thought it was a whole lot cooler in the moment if I wouldnt have had the migraine but its all good, it just makes the story that much better haha Well other than that it was a pretty normal week. We went on exchanges with the ZL's and Elder Alleman came up to Korovou with me. It was way fun. He is the man and he has become one of my really good friends here on the mission. He is leaving next month so that will be sad.When we were on exchanges all of these old Fijian ladies in theVillage were telling us that we need to come back someday and marry some Fijian girls haha they were like trying to set us up with people.It was pretty hillarious. We have zone conference tomorrow and I am way excited. It is always fun to go in with all the missionaries and have some fun, and also geta ton of way awesome training from our leaders. We are staying inWainibokasi with Elder Stock so tonight me and him get to go on splits. It will be way fun. Well, I love you all!! Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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