Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ruasagavulu na veilesoni!! (20 lessons!)

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!!

I cant believe it is already another P-day again. The time just keeps getting even faster and faster. It sounds like you guys have had a lot of fun up in Utah. That is crazy that Rand is already thinking about where he is going to go to college. He seems like just a little boy to me still haha Me and Elder Stock were talking alot last week about plans after the mission and stuff and I am considering going to BYU too. I think it would be way fun to go there with Stock. I know my plans will change a million more times though haha I am not worried about it at all, I know it will all work out.

Well this week was a way awesome week. We had zone conference on Tuesday and it was WAY good. There was a lot of really good trainings and things. It is always good to go to those and just get another big boost of energy about the work and about how to become a better missionary. As you can see from the subject we taught 20 lessons this week which is way good!! Especially considering that we did it in only 5 days of proselyting. That is the most lessons that I have taught in one week in my whole mission so far. And the best part is that they were all really good quality lessons. Me and Elder Seila have really gotten good at teaching together. And it is so nice to be this busy and be teaching this many lessons because it really helps with my Fijian.

One thing that did suck about this week though is that we were supposed to have a baptism of this 11 year old girl named Meliki. She is the bomb. She is only 11 but she has like a way strong testimony and way good understanding of the gospel for how young she is. Her parents are both members but they are both back into different churches now so that is the reason she didnt get baptized. Because they said they still need to talk about it, but they said they will ask Meliki what she wants and I know that she wants to be baptized into the TRUE church ha. It was really awesome because on the night we went over there the mom told us that they still needed to talk about it and they werent sure if she would get baptized into the LDS or into the other church they go to and at the end I bore my testimony and I told her to think about her baptism into this church because that is the baptism that had the authority and that was the baptism that she followed the example of Jesus Christ and his baptism. It was probably one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever born and it really made me think about my baptism and how blessed I am to have been born of such great parents that have given me the blessings of this gospel in my life.

Right now we have so many way awesome investigators but the only thing that is really stopping them from progressing is that the chapel that most of them are supposed to go to is way far away from their villages. It is like 2 KMs from the main road just up the dirt road that goes to our flat and the chapel. It is so stupid that they built the chapel up there but I am pretty sure they just did it because the Village that it is right next to is the stake presidents village. All they would have had to do is build it out close to the main road and it would be sooo much easier for people to get to it. But we had some good lessons this week with some people about them going to church even though it is hard so hopefully we can build their testimonies enough to be willing to sacrifice like that.

This week should be another good week. We should be having 2 baptisms on Sunday. Meliki the girl that didnt get baptized this last week and then another girl that actually was baptized a long time ago but they lost her records haha pretty stupid.

This week we almost got stuck out in that Waimalua place again. We were on the hike down and it started DUMPING rain. It was way funny because the one member that was coming with us ran over to this banana tree and ripped off some of the big huge leaves and we were using them as our umbrellas haha it was pretty funny. I made a pretty funny video after we had got some shelter under this little roof thing.

Well I am glad that you guys had some fun up in Utah. We always had the best family vacations haha We will have to all go on a sweet family vacation when I get back! Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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