Sunday, March 18, 2012

E dua na luvequ! (I have a child!)

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!!

Well as you can tell from the subject I have some pretty insane news... I am
training!!! I can’t believe it. It is going to be crazy because I am in an all
Fijian speaking area and this kid will know like NOTHING so it will be pretty
tough. I know that this is the Lord's work and that He will make it
possible, not easy, but possible. I know that it will really be a good learning
and growing experience for me. I don’t know who it will be yet but it is
happening on Wednesday. I am really going to miss Elder Seila. I have learned
more from him in the past 5 weeks or whatever than I have for probably the whole
rest of my mission so far.
So this week I finished the Book Of Mormon. It was awesome because this is like
the first time that I have actually gone through the whole thing and really
studied it and marked it and everything. When I was reading the last few
chapters I could really feel the spirit testifying to me that I already know
that it is true. We are so blessed to have such an amazing tool in our lives
that pretty much tells us exactly what we need to do and be in this life to
have happiness.
This week when we were going out to Waimalua we were on our hike to get out
there and Elder Seila stopped all of a sudden and he could hear some wild pigs
eating in the bush off to the side. We ran to this guy’s house that was close
and woke him up and they all grabbed like spears and machetes and I grabbed my
camera haha I really wanted to grab a weapon too but I decided I would rather
have it on video haha. So we were trying to figure out a way to get to it because
it was in really thick bush and they are like super fast so we couldn’t really
just charge our way in. So it ended up being pretty lame because we couldn’t
get to it so they decided to wait til we could get some dogs to come and help.
So nothing really happened but it was still really exciting for a while and it
is a pretty funny video haha I am going to send you guys my filled card and
then the card that I have that doesn’t work in my camera but does work on the
computer, I will put the videos and stuff from this new card on that and send
it too. Me and Elder Seila made a video of us singing my favorite Fijian hymn
for you guys so I will put that on there.
This week we also had a baptism of Luisa. It was way good but a little
different than other baptisms because she had been baptized already before but
her record had just been lost. We also set 5 other baptismal dates though for
the fist Sunday in April so that should be awesome. One of them is this other
girl named Luisa who is like in her 20's. She moved in with some members in our
ward so they asked her if she would take the lessons and she agreed. So we
started teaching her like 2 weeks ago and she is awesome. She reads the
pamphlets we give her and like marks them all up and stuff. So we invited her
to be baptized and she was really hesitant but she finally said yes. We knew
there was still something holding her back and the next time we went over she
told us that her parents are pretty much going to disown her if she is baptized
into the church. And that day she had gone to see her sister to tell her that
she was going to be baptized and her sister cried for a long time and was all
upset about it. She told us though that on the day of her baptism she is going
to call her parents and tell them that she is getting baptized and she said she
doesn’t care if they disown her or not she is going to go through with it
because she knows that it is true. It is crazy how fast her testimony grew.
Well it sounds like everything is going awesome back at home.

Thanks for being the best family on the earth! AU LOMANI KEMUDOU!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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