Monday, January 16, 2012



The Feast at the Bavoro's Home
Elder McCombs, Joseph, Esira, Elder Hawk, and Roko

Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well I found out on Saturday night that I will be getting transferred this
week. But.... I am going to Suva.. So it isn't too much of a transfer. I was
really mad at first, but I know it will all be fine. It is an all Fijian
speaking ward so that will be really good. We will only be teaching lessons in
Fijian so my Fijian will definitely get way better. A lot of people thought
that I would be getting to go to a different island so it was kind of a big
surprise. It will be good though because now I will get my Fijian down and then
hopefully next time I get transferred I will get to go to a different island.
Well this week was really good. Me and Elder McCombs have been getting a lot of
lessons the past few weeks. We have gotten about 15 for 3 weeks in a row so
that is way good. We have found a lot of good new investigators too that will
probably get baptized within the next few months. We did end up having 2 of our
baptisms yesterday after church. It almost didn't happen though haha So the
font takes HOURS to fill so we always go the day before and start filling it
and then just go back and turn it off the next day. So on Saturday we went to
the church and turned on the font so that it would be full for our baptisms on Sunday.
When we got to church on Sunday we went to check the font and someone had
unplugged it so it was completely empty! We turned it on again and went and
found this huge bucket and started going to the faucets outside to fill the
bucket and then bring it in and dump it into the font. We were doing that for
about thirty minutes but we had to go and teach the lesson in priesthood so we
had to stop to go and do that. So after priesthood we got a few of the boys and
got some more buckets and we were filling them outside and then bringing them
in and dumping them into the font to fill it. So we did that for the whole hour
of Sunday school and it was still only like a foot deep. Luckily some members
that live behind the chapel brought a hose and we ran it from outside through a
window and into the font so that there would at least be a little more water
going into it while we were in sacrament meeting. The baptism was supposed to
be right after sacrament meeting and Roko had some family coming in from
another place to be there so we really needed to do it then. Luckily by the
time it was time to do the baptism there was barely enough water to be able to
actually dunk them haha so Esira got to baptize Roko which was way awesome! He
did it once and he wasn’t even close to going all the way under and so we told
him that he had to do it again. He didn’t even say the prayer or anything again
he just instantly dunked him again when we told him and Roko was not ready for
it at all so it was way funny haha But then he did it all right after that so
it was all good. Then I got to baptize Joseph so that was awesome. He is the
man. After the baptism we went to the Bavoro's (Esira and Sai) and we had a
HUGE feast there because of Roko's baptism. It was way good. There was a ton of
their family there so hopefully that will open up so more of them to accept the
gospel. After that we went and taught Yaba who is this Fijian women that we
have only been teaching for a few weeks but she is totally ready to be baptized
and will be getting baptized this week. At the end of the lesson we asked her
if she had any questions and she asked "can I bear my testimony like you
two always do at the end of the lesson?" and we said "of course you
can that would be awesome!" haha She progressed so fast because she
actually would do all of the things that we would ask her to do.
There are those 2 other Indian women that we have been teaching for a while and
both of them are totally ready to be baptized but they are both just being dumb
and not coming to church!! It is pretty frustrating haha but I guess I won’t be
dealing with them anymore after this week ha
Well it sounds like everything is going good at home. Everything is still going
great here. My new comp in Nasinu is going to be Elder Vandygriff. He is way
cool so it should be fun. I have gotten way lucky with my comps so far on my
mission. Thanks for all the support that you give me. Au lomani Kemudou!! I
will re-send my email from last week because it was really good.

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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