Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nasinu 1st!

Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well I am in my new area! It is pretty crazy being in a new
place again and having to learn my way around. Our area is pretty huge so we
walk a ton! And it is the hot and rainy season right now so at all times I am
either drenched from sweat or from the rain, but usually both haha our flat is
huge. There are another set of missionaries that cover our same area but all
the English and they all used to live in this flat way back in the day but
something happened I guess so they split them up and now we have this big 'ol
flat all to ourselves which is pretty sweet. It is pretty dirty but we are
going to clean it up a lot. I guess it used to be way worse and my comp has
already cleaned it a lot before so that’s good. My comp is Elder Vandygriff. He
is from Tennessee. He is way cool. He goes home in June just like my last comp.
They were in the same intake.
So I am going to start with some stuff that happened in
Naulu before I got transferred on Thursday. So on Monday night after all the
P-day stuff we always just go to dinner at this same member’s house. So we ate
there and then on our way home the power all went out because it had been
raining quite a bit that day. So we got back to the flat and we had to light a
candle to see around. And the worst part about it is that we always have the
fan going on all night while we sleep cuz it is hot so we were mostly mad just
because we couldn’t have that haha so we plugged the fan in just so that when
the power did turn back on that it would just turn on too. So we both said our
prayers and we’re just laying in bed and we were both joking that we have never
prayed so hard that the power could come back on just so that we could have our
fan haha so like 5 minutes after that I just hear Elder McCombs say "hey!
Do you feel that breeze?!" He pretty much thought that our prayer had been
answered by a nice breeze coming through the window but I could see a light on
outside the window so I said "No man its the fan!!" and we were both
pretty much just cheering and laughing so hard because he thought that it was
just the wind haha good times.
So Thursday I come here to Nasinu. We are in the Fijian ward
which is way awesome. So we pretty much just teach in straight Fijian which I am
loving. It is pretty crazy how well my understanding and stuff is. I can pretty
much understand anything that anyone says to me. And my teaching in Fijian is
actually pretty good too, I just need to get more used to it and it will keep
getting a lot better. I am way excited for that though. So the time here moved
back an hour and we had no idea. So our ward starts at 8 and it is like a 40
minute walk from our flat so we wake up at 630 like always and walk to church
and get there just before 8 and no one is there. Finally a few people show up
and they said "o dang I think that the time changed last night" and
it did. So we were there really at 7 and we could have gotten a precious extra
hour of sleep!! haha So the other Elders flat is close to the chapel so we just
went over there for a bit and hung out with them until church started. Being in
a Fijian ward is way cool. My favorite part by far is singing the hymns in
Fijian in sacrament meeting. And our ward is really big so it is way loud and
it just sounds sweet. And after church this lady came up to us with her husband
and said "he is not a member yet but he wants to get baptized can you guys
come and teach him?" haha That is
pretty much the best thing to happen as a missionary. There are also some other
boys and stuff that we are teaching that should get baptized soon too so that
will be sweet.
Yaba the lady that
was married to the Samoan guy in Naulu got baptized yesterday. I called Elder
McCombs to make sure it happened and he said it was awesome. She is so awesome.
We started teaching her like 3 or 4 weeks ago and she already has such a strong
testimony and is now baptized. So that was my 10th baptism in Naulu. Which only
had 10 baptisms in the last 2 years combined. I feel so blessed to have been
there in the time I was and to have received all of those blessings in turning
that area around.
Well it sounds like everything is going good at home. Keep me updated on
all of the wrestling stuff. That will be way fun for you guys to get to go to
Florida for that Top Gun thing. If Sister Maiwiriwiri is still in Harry's ward
you guys should go and see her so you can meet a Fijian! haha She is way cool.
Well thanks for being awesome. I forgot my camera at the flat so I will send
some pictures next week. Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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