Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dua na macawa e na noqu vanua vou!

Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well I have been in my new area for over a week now. I am loving it. There are
soo many awesome people in our ward and the work here is exploding right now.
We got like 6 new investigators this week so now we have like 20! It is crazy
hard to even be able to see all of them in one week. Our area is pretty huge
and we just walk so it takes a while to get around. O I got the package today!!
Thank you for the stuff! It is perfect. I haven’t seen what songs are on the
thing yet but im sure it will be good. VInaka vakalevu!
This week was a good week. There is a girl named Mereseine that is about 12
that I have taught a few times and she just got interviewed yesterday and will
be getting baptized on Saturday. We have a lot more people that are getting
closer to baptism too so there should be a lot more coming up in the weeks to
come. We have sooo many investigators right now which is awesome. The hardest
part though is just getting people to come to church though. A few of our
investigators live way out in this way bush area that has no water or
electricity or anything. We went out there this week and taught them and they
gave us rain water to drink because they don’t have pipes that run out there to
bring them water either. It didnt taste too good but kind of cool to think that
it was just straight rain water haha they kept saying "na wai mai
lomalagi!" Which means the water from heaven. haha My Fijian is getting a lot
better. I can understand pretty much anything that anyone says to me. And I am
totally fine and confident in teaching anything in Fijian. I think it is way good
for me to be doing all the lessons now in Fijian because it makes me actually
have to rely on the spirit more and think more about what I need to say and
keep it simple. I kind of would get in a groove at times when teaching in
English just because it was so easy.
So there is this guy named Josefa that just got baptized like a year or so ago
and when he was baptized he was already too old to serve a mission but he
really wanted too so he always comes around with the missionaries. We have been
bringing him around with us a lot. He is living with his aunt and uncle and a
few of their kids in our area right now and we would just go over there and
hang out to wait for him to get ready and one day I just asked him if he thought
his family would want to take the lessons and he said he isn’t sure but he doesn’t
want to be the one to ask them. So the next time we went over there we just
asked them if they wanted to know some more about the church and they said
yeah. So we just taught them yesterday and before the lesson started I asked
them if they had any questions to start off and the man said, "we go to
the Pentecostal church but I have always wondered why we all use the same bible
but the teachings are different" I said that’s a perfect question because
that is what we are going to explain today haha We taught a way good first
lesson all about prophets and the apostasy and the restoration. I love sharing
the Joseph Smith story in Fijian. After the lesson I was shocked at how the
whole lesson I didn’t even really have to think hard of how to say things in
Fijian. I was just spiting it out like crazy haha It was so awesome. I love
this language.
Yesterday we went over to these members house for lunch after church and the
kid just got back from BYU Hawaii and my comp also went to a year at BYU Hawaii
before his mission and we were just talking all about it and he was showing us
all of these pictures and stuff and it really made me want to go there. The
awesome thing is that since I am serving my mission in the Pacific I will get
half off tuition if I do go there. I of coarse haven’t made any decisions yet
because that is a ways away and I am on my mission but I think it would be
pretty awesome even if I just went for like a year or something. There are a
lot of people from this mission and from Fiji that go there so I would get to
speak Fijian all the time.
Well hopefully this is enough to get you guys through another week! Everything
is going great as ever here. The Christmas card looks awesome! Au lomani kemudou!!

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