Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Arise & Shine Forth"

“I have to teach the Young Men at Ward Conferences this month and the
Theme is Arise and Shine Forth--- D & C 115:5. Can you give me some of
your thoughts on this and what it means to you as a missionary?

Elder Hawk:
“I think that to me as a missionary the first thing that I think about when reading
this scripture is how everyone who sees us knows that we are different. No matter
what country you go to on your mission one of the most important things is to
look like and act like a missionary (at least in public haha) because people do
notice even when you don’t think that they do. There has already been countless
times on my mission where people will just come up to us and start talking to
us just because they can tell that we are different (sometimes just because we
are white ha). A big part of that too is just living up to the calling and to
live the gospel so that people don’t only see the difference, but they can feel
of it through the spirit. Because living the gospel is the "standard"
that we need to have and show "to all nations". I think to me it also
means we can’t be shy or timid about sharing the gospel. You just have to
"arise and shine forth" just like it says and have the confidence
that this is the Lords work and he is going to qualify you to help him in it.
And it doesn't mean that you just need to be that way on your mission. It is
just as important to be that way at home because it is all of our responsibility
to share the gospel that we have received and that blesses our lives every day.”

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