Sunday, October 30, 2011

Papitaiso!!! (Baptism)

Bula Vinaka!!

This week was awesome! David got baptized!!! He picked me to do it too so that was such an awesome experience. After he was baptized he bore his testimony and he got choked up and it made me choke up because I was so happy that I knew that he really appreciates this gospel and that he could feel the spirit and feel that it will really help him in his life. I haven’t cried at all since the day I left but when he started getting choked up the spirit was so strong and I felt so happy that I was able to help in giving him the gospel that I got choked up too. He is the man!! He is going to be such an awesome addition to this ward. The door to the font was locked and none of the bishops keys were working so I had to climb over the glass in front of the font and jump down into the water to go and open the door haha so that is my funny story from my first baptism! We are having another baptism this weekend of a 13 year old girl. We have only been teaching her for like 3 weeks but she already has so much faith it is amazing. She picked me to baptize her too so I am really excited for that. We have a bunch more baptisms coming up in November too. There hasn’t been a baptism in this area for like 5 months so it is so awesome that things are picking back up here. It is so awesome to be blessed with these investigators that the Lord has prepared to accept the gospel. I definitely know now that the scripture is true that says how great our joy will be when we bring people into the gospel.

Well the baptism was definitely the highlight of my week but it was all just a good week in general. There is a Hindu holiday called Diwali that was on Wednesday. It is pretty much like their Christmas haha They all put lights on their houses and make tons of Indian sweets and light a ton of fireworks so that day was really fun! We went to this house that invited us in for sweets and ate a TON of sweets! They are so good. It’s all just like fried sugary things haha there are a bunch of different kinds though. It was really fun though. I also got sick again. My throat was hurting so I looked at it in the mirror and my tonsils were all nasty and white so I called the mission nurse Elder Whiting and he said to come into Suva to go to the doctor so we went in and she took one look at my throat and said yeah that’s tonsillitis haha she said I will probably need to get my tonsils out but that I probably don’t want to do it in Fiji haha She gave me antibiotics and I feel tons better now so it’s all good.

Tell Lupe that we killed another mouse with the wiffle ball bat! haha This time it was me that killed it. We took a video of the whole thing on Elder Ika's camera and it is hilarious! I have some pictures too so I will try to send them.

We also got asked by some Indian people to bless their taxi which was pretty weird ha They are Hindu but we gave the lady a blessing one time because one of their neighbors is a family we go see all the time and she told them about blessings, she said she was having headaches everyday and she told us that after we gave her a blessing she didn’t have any more after that so now they wanted us to come and bless the taxi because it has been having problems haha Elder Ikafanga just said a normal prayer and pretty much just blessed that the guy would drive safe and not drink and get enough sleep so that he could drive safe haha after the prayer they wanted us to like go and touch the car all over on the inside so that it would be blessed but we told her that it wouldn’t do anything and that we don’t do that haha me and Ika were cracking up about it after we left. It was pretty funny. They gave us a bunch of Diwali sweets though so it was all worth it ha

Alright well I will send the pictures from the baptism and the mouse! I will have more baptism pictures next week too! It sounds like everything is going great at home. That is so exciting that you guys get to be Ma and Pa again. They will be so lucky to have such awesome parents on the trek! Keep up the good work you guys have been doing in sharing the gospel and being the good examples that you are. AU LOMANI KEMUDOU!!

Lomana, Elder Hawk

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