Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another week in Fiji

Bula Vinaka!

Well another week down already. This week was really good. There is a Fijian boy that used to be one of the Elders companion here for like 3 months as a ward missionary and this week he came back into town and stayed with us for a couple of days so it was awesome to have another member present for all of our lessons this week. His name is Ratu. One of the days when we got back to the flat there was a mouse and he grabbed the wiffle ball bat that Lupe gave me and we were all chasing it around the flat and finally he got it and killed it with the bat haha it was awesome. I’ll try to send the pictures. Yesterday was daylight savings here so I think we are an hour closer to you guys now. It was weird doing daylight savings because I havent done it for the past couple years haha

So David didn’t end up getting baptized this weekend because he wasn’t able to go to Suva to get the marriage license thing but today we went over to his house and they were leaving to go to Suva right now to get it so if it all works out he should be getting baptized this weekend on Saturday for sure! I am really excited for him. He is really excited too. We are teaching another girl that is 13 and her aunt is a member here and in the last lesson we taught her she asked us what was the soonest possible that she could get baptized haha It is so awesome to have these investigators that gain their testimonies so quickly and have that much of a desire to be baptized. So she will be getting baptized on November 5, Danielle’s birthday! haha that was the first thing that I thought of when we gave her the date. We have a couple other people that we are planning on giving baptismal dates to soon too so we will see how that goes.

Yesterday was our turn to speak in church again. I really felt like I should talk about how it is the responsibility of every member to be a missionary and how we want them to work together with us to help us in all parts of our work. It really does help so much when the investigators that we teach are referrals from members. I challenged them all to start being more bold about the gospel and that every night when whoever house we go to to eat dinner we are going to ask them for referrals. After I spoke about it the bishop got up and added to the things that I said and I think that it really got a lot of them motivated to do it so hopefully we will be getting lots of good referrals soon! After the meeting a couple of people came up and said they were going to try a lot harder so it should be awesome.

Now for a funny and kinda crazy story haha so the other day I was walking and I noticed that my foot was hurting in one spot but I thought it was just from my sandals and then when I got home I looked at it and it was like to marks that looked like teeth marks and they were kind of swelling and had some puss so I poked it with a needle and put some stuff on it and went to bed and then the next morning it was all swollen more and a lot of puss and you could see the two big teeth marks haha So I started asking some of the members what they thought it could be and they said that it was a centipede, and centipedes are poisonous and you usually have to go get a shot if you get bit haha but I called the mission nurse Elder Whiting and he told me to put a hot towel on it and not to squeeze it and hopefully it would go down so that I wouldn’t have to get a shot. So last night I did that and I am pretty sure it is alright now. It is still annoying but I think it will be alright haha I took a picture of it so I will try to send it today.

Well everything is still going awesome! We have been busy and a lot of our investigators have been progressing so hopefully some more baptisms will be coming up soon! We have a goal of 7 by Dec. 6 and I really think that we can reach it. We just need to keep working hard. Well I love you guys! Thank you for all the support that you give me. I couldn’t do it without you guys! Au lomani kemundou!!

Lomana, Elder Hawk

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