Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week 6

Bula Vinaka everyone!!

Holy cow!! I cannot believe that I have been here for 6 weeks already! pretty crazy! Ill be in Fiji in like 3 and a half weeks!! I am soo excited to get there and start working. This week was pretty eventful so hopefully I can get it all in before my time runs out haha
So we got roomates this week, which totally stinks haha me and Stock have had our own room since O'Connor left 6 days in so now its a huge difference to have four of us all in the same room. They are both going to Brazil. It is Elder Kendrick and Elder Bowerbank. We give them quite a bit of grief but they are always good sports about it haha I short sheeted one of their beds like the second night they were here but he didnt even sleep in the sheets so I was pretty dissapointed haha he was freaking out when he tried to make his bed the next morning though haha O and the coolest thing happened!! the other night they said that I was talking in Fijian in my sleep!!! haha I thought that was the coolest thing ever haha
I did actually get to see Wes a couple times while he was here. I have some pictures of me him and Devin all together that I will send home sometime this week.
Elder Bete our Fijian friend left for Atlanta this morning so that kind of stinks. Me and Stock just hung out with him and the Kenyan Elder in their room until like 11 last night haha They were both some of our favorite people here so it kind of stinks that they are gone. He told us that one of his friends from Fiji is supposed to come in today though so we will have to find him and make friends with him too haha The Tongan district is also leaving this week which will be hard too. They are all way awesome and some of our best friends here.
I'm glad that Danielle's wedding went so good! I hope that she liked my letter that Dad read for me! I wanted to record my voice and send it so that you guys could hear me speak some Fijian! Thats alright though because you will be able to hear me in 3 and a half weeks when I get to call you from the airport on my way to Fiji So this week we got new zone leaders in our zone and all week everyone kept saying that it was going to be me and Elder Stock haha they kept calling us Zone leaders all week and then on Sunday it ended up not being us but the branch President pulled us aside before church started and said that we are some of the best examples in the zone and that it very easily could have been us but that the Lord knew that Elder Duke and Elder Ormsbey from the Samoan district needed it. He said that if they ever needed help for anything though that they would come to us first haha I know that they will be great and it was cool to see how the Lord works through his servants and how the calls we get are truly inspired through Him.
Today we saw Elder Stocks mom and his three little brothers and sisters on the way back from the temple! they were on their way back to Washington from Colorado and his uncle lives right by here so they stayed there for the night and came and saw us today haha he had no idea they were going to be there so it was pretty funny. We only talked to them for like ten minutes but it was cool to meet some of his family. Its great that I have a companion that I know won’t be affected at all by that happening. Me and him are so lucky to have each other as companions here. We have not fought even once since we have been here and it seems like we have known each other forever so it has been awesome.
This week we had a fireside that was about being a "successful" missionary. It was awesome. He talked all about how it has nothing to do with how many baptisms and stuff you have but it has to do with your commitment to the work and if you are giving it your best. Even if we don’t get any baptisms we can still be the most successful missionaries if we always work hard and give ourselves fully to the work. In the end we cannot control the agency of the people we teach, it is there opportunity to choose to accept this great gospel and if they don’t it does not mean at all that we were not successful. One of the things I really liked that he said was "Do everything in my power and expect nothing" I think that is the best way to look at really anything in life. All we can do is work our hardest and give everything our best efforts and we can be satisfied that it was a success. And any rewards you get are just a great bonus on top of that
Alright well this e mail is HUGE so i hope this will get your through another week of Elder Hawk withdrawals! haha Keep working hard and being awesome!! Au lomana kemudou!

Lomana, Elder Hawk

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