Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 4

Bula Vinaka everyone!

I have been here a month already!! It is going by way fast. Devin is coming in tomorrow I think and then Wesley next week so that will be awesome!
So this week a kid from Fiji came in!! His name is Elder Bete! He is so awesome. He even lives in our building so me and Stock went up to meet him one of the first nights he was here and he just started giving us all kinds of stuff!! He gave me a sweet sulu that says "Go Fiji Go!" on it and a sweet fijian tie, and he gave Stock one of the actual dress sulus that we are going to wear while we are there and he gave him a tie too! Thats just how they are in Fiji, they give everything they have, so me and Stock went back downstairs and got a bunch of stuff to give to him. We gave him a couple ties some shirts and a ton of candy that we had and I gave him a sulu that I got from some of the Samoan Elders! So pretty much every night since then we hang out with him haha he teaches us all kinds of funny things to say to our teachers. There is also a Sister that just got here that one of our teachers actually baptized in Fiji so that is pretty sweet! He also has a kid from Kenya that is in his room and he is hillarious haha I told the kid from Kenya to tell the girls "your looking alllll nutritious" and he thought it was the funniest thing every so he says it to us every time we see him haha
There are 7 of us that are going to Fiji. All the ones in the picture I sent you guys of us in front of the Provo temple with my flag. That is all our district is too. And our Zone is the Fijians, Samoans, Tongans, Haitians, and 2 English districts which we go through all the time because they leave so quick haha it is a really fun group though. The food here is actually really good. There are usually a couple different things to choose from at every meal so there is always at least one thing that I will like haha mostly all of it is pretty good though. I havent gained any weight. I have stayed pretty active in gym. We switch around a lot what we do. We play soccer, volleyball, basketball and sometimes just run the track and do workouts. Me and Stock are like best friends already so that has made everything way easy haha and he loves sports and stuff too
The highlight of our week was probably yesterday when me and Stock got to go on a field trip!! He cracked his tooth on a caramel sucker the other day so we got to go on the shuttle van to the dentist office haha it was sweet to get out for a little bit!
The devotional on Sunday this week was about love and charity. The whole time all I was thinking about was how much I already love the Fijian people and I havent even met them yet! I know that I will have no problem at all loving them.
Another highlight of our week was pretty awesome and funny haha Two of our teachers, Brother Matheson and Brother Engel were actually companions in the MTC and it was like the "anniversary" of when they met each other in the MTC on Friday so I bought them an anniversary card in the bookstore and on the front it had a little boy and little girl about to kiss and it said "You two can stop flirting now. We get it. You dig each other." hahaha so we gave them that and then we found a bag of chips that were corn chips but they said hint of lime on them and Stock changed it so that it said hint of love haha so we gave them that and they thought it was pretty funny. I also made a sign that says "Preach like a champion today!!!" like the one Notre Dame has that says play like a champion today and we are going to hang it above our door and hit it every day on the way out haha
Alright well hopefully this is plenty to get you through another week without me! haha I miss you all and love you all so much!! I am having a great time though and I know without a doubt that there is no other place I would rather be right now in my life. I have been so blessed and from your letters I have seen how it has also blessed your lives. Keep Doin work!! Au Lomana Iko!! (I love you)

Lomana, Elder Hawk

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