Sunday, December 23, 2012

Vakanuinui vinaka nomudou Siga Ni Sucu!!

Bula vinaka!!
Well, yet another fun filled week here in Samabula. It is so crazy how fast the time goes by here but when I think about certain things or events that happen they seem way longer ago just because there is SO much that we are doing here all the time. I got the package you guys sent this week!! Thank you very much! My favorite part was definitely the gummy worm eggs ha The poster was really awesome too. I put it up on the wall in our flat. Last night me and Elder Stock made our Christmas tree... it is made out of a coconut tree leaf thing. It turned out pretty awesome haha Those are the pictures of it that I attached to it. The poster says the same thing as the subject of this email, it means "merry Christmas" in Fijian. Hope that you have a happy birthday too dad!
Well this week was a little different because of the Hurricane. On Monday everyone in the mission just had to stay in their flats all day. I guess we were the lucky ones that just got to be in the office and get to go and eat at Presidents house haha That night we had dinner at presidents house with a bunch of the senior couples because the power was out everywhere. After we had a FHE and me and Elder Stock were put in charge to lead it. I shared a scripture from Alma 26:35-37 and told of some experiences where on my mission I really felt like the Lord knew me and was aware of what I was doing and was helping me out with it. Then I had everyone in the room go around and tell of an experience they have had where they really felt that the Lord was aware of them and loved them. It was way awesome. Sister Klingler said that that scripture is actually the same one that Elder Jay E. Jensen shared with here when he set her apart to come here to Fiji. Then President Klinger played Christmas songs on his teeth.... haha he can do this way cool thing where he like flicks his teeth and moves his jaw to make different pitches and play any song. He is the man! haha
This week there is a girl here in the temple patron housing that came to go to the temple and get her visa to go to St. George to serve here mission there. She is from Vanuatu. 
This week Peni and Mela and their little girl Wini from Vunivesi came to the temple to get sealed!! I was so cool to get to see them again and especially to get to see them come out of the temple after being sealed. I got a picture with them so I will have to send that to you. There was a couple other people from Savusavu area here too to go to the temple so that was way fun to get to see all of them.
We have a lot of really good investigators right now too. We have one guy we are teaching named Tiko. He has been taking the lessons for over a year and a half. He comes to church a ton and everything but he has just never been able to drop his problems with the word of wisdom. This week we had a really good lesson with him about the Atonement and how a lot of the time we forget the part of the Atonement where Christ suffered and felt absolutely everything that we would feel or face in this life. We taught him about relying on the Lord for help and also about having faith in himself that he can actually do it. He really has a desire to change and I know that he will.
Me and Elder Stock have been doing really good about just contacting everyone that we meet. That is probably one of the best things that we can do just because we are always so busy and running around everywhere. It is so fun that we both just have that excitement about the work and it really is just multiplied with us together. And we both just love the people so much and can really get people to feel comfortable and open up to us. The other day we were in town and we just started talking to a man that was working cleaning up the street. He was amazed that we were speaking such good Fijian because he had never met any other missionaries before. We started getting a few other of the workers that started wandering over because they could hear us speaking. Long story short we ended up at a picnic table in the middle of town, drinking juice with all of these people and teaching them about a living prophet and the restoration of the gospel. It was so awesome, and so much fun! We got all of their information and referred them to the proper missionaries in the areas that they lived in. It was way awesome.
We also had a pretty fun adventure the other night getting all of the Northern Zones Christmas packages on the boat to send to them so that they could get them before Christmas. The boat came in at about 9pm so we went to the dock with these 2 big huge boxes that had all the packages and stuff in them. There was THOUSANDS of people there that were trying to get onto the boat. So we were waiting outside of the boat for quite a while and it was way fun just talking to all of the people there. We finally started all moving onto the boat and it was a mad house haha we got onto the boat and it was just packed shoulder to shoulder but we finally made it to the cage and got the packages on. We ended up being there til about 1030pm. It was fun though just talking to all of the people there.
Well I hope that all of you have a very merry Christmas! I am so glad that we have always had those Christmas traditions that have made it so easy for us to really just focus on the true meaning of Christmas and to build our testimonies. So awesome. Well I am planning on Skyping on Wednesday morning here. So it should be in the afternoon on your Christmas day Well Au lomani kemudou!!!
Loloma levu, Elder Hawk

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