Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hawk and Stock!

Bula Vinaka noqu matavuvale!!

Sorry I am emailing so late. We had a big temple trip this morning with the Suva and Nausori zones. And Elder Estill's parents just got here today so we have been over talking to them for the last little while. Well as you can see from the subject of this email I have found out who my new companion is... Me and Elder Stock are going to be comps again as the APs hahaha I cant believe it!!! I am so stoked!! It is going to be so awesome. The transfer is tomorrow. We are going to have so much fun and work so hard together. It is going to be awesome. SO excited...

Well the rest of this week was really awesome. Elder Hamula flew home this morning. On Tuesday we had another mission tour meeting here in Suva. It was interesting to see how much he changed his message compared to the one that he gave in Nadi the day before that. It was alot of the same types of things but just a lot of different things that he expounded way more on and others that he really left out. Just shows how close he is to the spirit to know just what the people need. I am really glad that I got to go to both of them though. I learned so much. My favorite meeting of the whole week though was our zone leader council that we had with Elder Hamula on Wednesday. Me and Elder Estill had to account for the work the mission did for the whole year. It was really easy though because we had such an awesome year. It went really good. Then Elder Hamula talked to us for a while and it was way awesome. He told us that "things are going exactly right here" it made me feel really good that I have had a part in setting all of the stuff up that we did and have had a part in leading the mission and that he was so excited with how well everything is going here. Then we had personal interviews with Elder Hamula. It was such an awesome experience. He is just a way good guy. He told me that he really hopes that I get the chance to get back out and be in an all proselyting area again because he could tell how much I really love the people and love this week. He said he is almost certain that I will get to. I am sure I will too. But I am willing to do whatever that Lord has in store for me and do it to the best of my ability.

Another way cool thing that happened this week was that we went over to the Lauvili's a recent convert family, and they had called us on Monday because there 13 year old boy had fallen out of a high tree and had been unconscious in the hospital for hours. They wanted us to come and give him a blessing but we couldn't because we were in Nadi. We called our bishop and he went over and gave him a blessing. We didn't really hear anything else about it until we went over there and the dad told us the story that the boy had been knocked out for hours and had not moved at all. He said that bishop came in and Brother Lauvili just really wanted bishop to give him a blessing because he had the faith that he would be ok. So bishop gave the boy a blessing and when bishop said amen the boy opened his eyes and moved around a little bit but then fell right back to sleep. But bro Lauvili said that it was all he need to know that his son was going to live. He bore such a powerful testimony about how he knows that if they had not joined the church and gained the faith and testimony that they have because of it that the boy would have died. It was a way awesome experience. The boy was supposed to be in the hospital for like a week but he was back home the next day.

One other cool experience we had this week was that we went to Sister Sinus house to teach her son Filipe that I have told you a few stories about. He is in his 50's. But we went there and there was a ton of relatives there doing this big Fijian ceremony thing there they bring food and stuff as an offering because they had a fight years ago and hadn't seen much of each other since so it is kind of like "burying the hatchet". But they did their ceremony thing and then they wanted us to give them a spiritual thought type thing. Some of them were members and some weren't. So the scripture that I had shared in Vunivesi at that baptism where I had that awesome experience popped into my head. So I read Moroni 7: 41-42 and talked about how we have hope in this life because of Christ and how he gave us the hope but it is up to us to live the gospel to return to Him and our Father in Heaven. It was way awesome. And then another day we went over there again and we watched the restoration video with Filipe and he said the minute he started he could just feel the spirit so strong and he testified that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. I am so excited that we will be a little bit less busy now and that we will really work hard to find more time to proselyte because I really love just being with the people in their homes.
The first picture is a fish we ate at our Chinese investigators restaurant. Well the ones that just got baptized. They both got the priesthood this week so that was exciting. That is just the picture of the temple one night as we walked out of the office. That is way awesome about Rand and Parker and all the wrestling stuff!!! Way cool too about the opportunity Rand had to share the gospel with them. That is for sure the best way to prepare for a mission. Well I love you all so much!! I am not for sure what day I will be skyping but I will let you know for sure. Au lomani kemudou!!!

Loloma levu,

Elder Hawk

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