Monday, February 6, 2012

Veisau tale na noqu vanua! (Transferred again!)‏

Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

WOW!! what a crazy week. I am sure you can tell it was pretty crazy just by the
title of this email haha So on Thursday we got a call from the ZL's and I got
transferred again! There was a kid from the intake that just came in a few
weeks ago that had to stay back in the MTC for a bit because of health issues
and he came in and the Elder I was with is training him. So now I am serving in
Korovou with Elder Seila!!
So I will tell you just a bit about my new area. So It is pretty much one of
the most bush areas in the whole mission! We live in this flat way out in the
bush that is called "the box" because it is just this little shack
pretty much that the church made for the missionaries and us and 2 other elders
stay there sometimes. So I get to drive a Toyata Hilux truck around the bush
all the time. We just cover a bunch of little villages out in the middle of the
jungle pretty much. We have one good ward that has a way legit church building
up on top of this mountain up behind our flat and then we cover 2 other units
out in the bush. So pretty much every day I get to go offroading in this sweet
truck on sketchy roads out in the bush up the mountains and stuff and speak straight
Fijian! And my comp Elder Seila is Fijian too so I am going to start to just
speak as much Fijian as I can to him too so my Fijian should get WAYYY better
while I am in this area. And Elder Seila is probably one of the very best
gospel teachers in the entire mission. He is amazing. I know that I am going to
learn sooo much from him. He is the man.
So on Sunday we went to one of the units for church because 2 people out there
needed to get confirmed. The road out there was way cool. If we didn’t have 4
wheel drive there is no way that we would have made it because it has literally
rained every single day for like the past 2 weeks. There has been like
hurricanes and cyclones all around Fiji so it has just rained a ton. The whole
west side of the big island Viti Levu has been flooding like crazy for a few
weeks now. A lot of the Elders out that side had to just stay out in their
flats for a few days while the flood went down. And now they might be doing a
lot of service because tons of houses are just like filled with mud and stuff
from the flood. So back to the church experience, we finally get out to this
place and we just have it in these members little house and there was like 10
of us all together in there. We brought the ward mission leader with us out
there to do the confirmations. His name is Brother Tabua and he is the man. He
told me that he will never speak any English to me so that I can learn better
but I think it is more just because he doesn’t really know English haha So in
the unit I blessed the sacrament and it was awesome cuz it is just all in
Fijian. It is a lot harder to understand people in this area because they speak
Tailevu dialect so some of the words are different and they speak crazy fast
but it will be good for me.
One of the other awesome things about it is that Elder Stock is in my
district!! And we are so far out there that on Sunday nights we drive closer to
town and we will stay at other missionary’s flats and we stay until Tuesday
afternoon for P-day and district meeting on Tuesdays. So I am back in the same
zone I was in before so sometimes if I want we can go stay in Naulu and I can
go see all the people I baptized and stuff from there. O yeah and tonight me
and Elder Stock are going to go on splits together since we are staying at
their flat! We are both way stoked haha
Well I am sure I will have a lot of more crazy stories in the weeks to come. I
will make sure to take some pictures out there this week to send next week. I
am so glad that I am going to have this opportunity. President emailed me this
week and told me that he just put me as a place holder in Nasinu because he
knew that I will be diligent in working there until I got changed now to
Korovou. Tell Rand good job and to kick butt at state!! Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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