Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ka rua na macawa e loma ni kateni (2nd week in "the box")

Bula vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well it was another good week in the box! haha We got a different Elder that
stays in the box with us some of the time because transfers happened. It is
Elder Yashko. It sounds like nothing too exciting is going on at home ha Things are
going good here. The work is going really good right now. We have been getting
a lot of new investigators and a lot of the older investigators are started to
progress a little more. I'm send home a card with pictures and some videos. I want
to sing a hymn in Fijian on it too so that you guys can hear it because that is
like my favorite thing about Fijian is singing the hymns.
This week we had a really good District meeting about sacrifice. It really made
me realize that I need to be more willing to sacrifice things in my life for
the gospel. Especially in my life before the mission. I know I really could
have done a lot more better things with my time then I did, but at least I have
learned now! ha It really made me realize that sometimes we are too easy on our
investigators too. They should have to sacrifice things for this gospel because
that is how they will really gain a testimony of it. And it is the same with
us. That is how we can really show that we have strong testimonies if we are
willing to sacrifice things for it.
On Tuesday night on our way back up to our area we stopped in a koro (village)
called Naitutu to teach a lesson. After the lesson we were walking to the car
and I just looked up at the sky and I have never seen so many stars in my life.
It was even more than at the cabin I think. It was awesome. And then at our
church yesterday Brother Tabua talked about how everything testifies that there
is a God and it made me think back to those stars and how that is so true.
There is no way that all of this stuff just "happened" haha
This week we also were teaching Kalaraini the girl that got baptized last week
about temples and stuff. I was sharing about sealing and at the end I bore my
testimony about our family and about how big of a blessing this knowledge of
sealing is in our life because of Jace. It really strengthened my testimony
about it and after I was just thinking about how cool it was that I just shared
that experience in a little tin house in a little village up in the bush in
Fiji, and I did all of it in Fijian. It was awesome.
Well sorry I don’t really have any funny stories or anything haha everything is
going way good. My Fijian is getting a lot better. I still have SOOOO far to go
though. Being in this area is totally different than anywhere else I have been.
I haven’t spoken English to anyone out there. Sometimes it gets frustrating but
it is good for me. It really motivates me to work harder at it. You guys should
tell me more about the stuff going on back at home in your emails! haha I feel
like I don’t even know what is going on with you guys! Well au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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