Sunday, November 6, 2011

Na Koli! (The dog)

Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale! Vacava tiko kemudou?!

Well another fast week finished here in Fiji! The baptism didn’t end up happening this weekend but it was just because they had some other stuff that came up that they had to do but it worked out because we had mission tour this weekend so all the missionaries in Fiji came in and Elder Watson from the area presidency came and so it would have been hard to get back and do the baptism and then go back. It will happen this next weekend though so it’s all good!

I was thinking about Christmas and you guys should send the package pretty soon like asap or I probably won’t get it for quite a while haha The only things that I could think of that I really want is like a photo album with a bunch of pictures of you guys and stuff, some multi vitamins or especially vitamin C so that I won’t get sick at all anymore haha and some silly bands (those rubber band bracelet things) so that I can give them to kids. Send me tons of those haha And of course lots of candy haha I did get your package last Monday. The card reader works perfect and the candy was way good so thank you! haha I loved the pictures and the big picture of the Gilbert temple. I put it up on the wall next to where I study.

Alright well I will explain the story behind the reason why the subject is na koli haha so the other night we were walking up to an investigators house and the guy drives a taxi so his taxi was parked in the driveway and when I walked past the front of the car a dog jumped out and bit me right on the leg and held on for a little and was growling and stuff haha it was pretty crazy. When it let go there was two nice holes on both sides of my leg from its teeth and they started bleeding pretty good. The people there are awesome though and they like freaked out and started putting all this coconut oil and stuff on it ha it was awesome. I will send the pictures of it.

So mission tour was so awesome!! There are a lot of way cool missionaries here and it was way good to get to hang out with Stock again. He is doing good. Elder Watson is the man! He served as like clerks for the prophets for the last like 38 years or something so he has been with a lot of the prophets. He talked a lot about how important it is to retain the converts that we make. That is something that we don’t really think about before the mission but once you get out here you really realize how hard that actually can be sometimes. We have two Elders that are serving in Tuvalu right now that stayed at our flat for mission tour. They are both really cool. Tuvalu is a TINY little island way up north and they speak Tuvaluan haha There are 3 other languages that I could possibly have to learn besides Fijian because there are some other islands that we go to that speak total different languages. It is way cool though.

David got confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting. It was just me bishop and Elder Ikafanga that were in the circle and the bishop did the confirmation. It was really awesome though. We were walking somewhere later that night and he was just on a walk and so we stopped and talked to him about it and he said that he feels really good about it. I am going to miss going to his house as much as we used to. Their family is so awesome. We will still get to go there quite a bit for the next little while though since he is a recent convert.

Well everything is still going good here. The dog bite is slowly healing up. I am glad it didn’t have rabies or something or I might be coming back home with half a leg haha. It sounds like everything is going good at home though. You guys are the best family I could ever ask for. It will be Christmas before we know it and I will get to see you guys! Pretty crazy what we can do with technology today. Alright well I better start loading the pictures. Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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