Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Talofa from Tuvalu!!

I have some pretty insane news.... We made it back to Suva and this morning we had a meeting with President and I am getting Transferred!!!! and I am getting transferred to like one of the coolest islands in the mission!!! It is an island called Kadavu and it is down to the south of Viti Levu. Me and my comp are the only missionaries on the whole island and the branch is just tiny. President wants me to go down there because the branch is having some problems so he thinks me and Elder Ravutaumada (who will be my companion there) will be able to boost it up. My comp is a Fijian and the whole island speaks absolutely nothing but Fijian and they have a way cool dialect so I am going to be speaking straight FIJIAN 24/7 until I finish up!!! I am so stoked beyond belief.... It is BUSH!!! and it is just this beautiful island. There will be no email there unless we get it set up to use this one members computer and figure out a way to get the internet. They have it working lately so hopefully it will work while I am there so that I can keep in contact with you guys haha I am flying down there on Friday so next Monday if I don't email you guys that will be why... because we might not get the internet down there haha I will try my best to get it though. I just wanted to let you know so you don't freak out next week. I will try to send you guys some of the pictures from Tuvalu right now. AU LOMANI KEMUDOU!!!

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