Sunday, April 7, 2013


Bula Vinaka!
I know that I say it every week and usually I end up writing a way long email anyways but this week's email might be pretty short because we are way busy and we haven't gotten to play sports on
 p-day for quite a while so we are going to make it happen today.
So this week I got a new temple recommend because mine expired with the end of last month. It is so crazy to think that it has been 2 years since then. Time goes by WAY too fast. It was cool to get a temple recommend interview from President Klingler. He is the man.
This week we had a Sisters training here in Suva. All the sisters from the mission, which is only about 12 right now, came in and we had a training for them. It is WAY different with sisters but it was way good. Our training was about prayer. I thought that it went really well. I think that is probably one of the strengths that me and Elder Stock have together, we have given some pretty awesome trainings. It is way fun. Then on Friday we flew over to Savusavu. We flew on the little tiny Northern Air plane again but President and Sister Klingler weren't too keen on that so they flew the bigger plane on Pacific sun so we took off and they were supposed to leave 30 minutes after us but their flight got delayed before we took off and we got to Savusavu and then they called and said it got moved way back until 3 that afternoon so we were supposed to do the training in Savusavu that morning but we had to move it until the night when they would get it. So we had a bunch of missionaries in Savusavu and so 6 of them went on splits and then the other 8 of us went over to the purple mansion and cleaned it all out because they moved out of it. That place was SOOO dirty! It was nasty. We cleaned it for like 3-4 hours and it was looking pretty good. It is actually a way good thing too because just the Elders there would have never finished that by themselves. So then we went back and got all ready again and started the training at 5:30 in the evening. it went til 9 and we went to stay at the new zone leader flat and there were 8 missionaries and 4 mattresses so a few of us took the ibe out on the porch and lit some mosquito coils and slept out there just on the ibe. It was pretty sweet. We didn't even get any mosquito bites so that was awesome. Then the next morning we got up and flew back over here.
Other than that we were just busy doing a bunch of office stuff and getting ready to go to TUVALU tomorrow!!! We are so excited its not even funny haha we have an Elder that is the zone leader of the zone that we are in now and he just came off of Tuvalu a few months ago so he wrote down a bunch of notes for us on how to share a testimony in Tuvaluan and stuff so we have been studying up. It should be so much fun and I will have hundreds of amazing pictures next week haha
O yeah, Sister Maiwiriwir, the one that you guys took to dinner in Florida. Somehow she found out that you guys are coming and she wants us to go over and have dinner and stuff at their house, so we will have to do that one night while you guys are here. Some of the senior couples have invited us over while you are here too and there will be lots of members so we will probably have dinner covered for most nights while you guys are here haha I think we should for sure stay in Savusavu for 2 nights if not 3. So I think if we want to do that we could go right over to Savusavu like right when you got here. It would be way fun to go to church there. Out in Vunivesi. I am really up for whatever though. We can plan it all real good when we skype next month. Unless I get transferred somewhere that I won't be able to skype. I would be able to call though so no worries. Well au lomani kemudou! Have a good week! AND I AM SOOOOO STOKED TO HEAR WHERE RAND IS GOING TO GO!!! Record him opening it and send me the video!
Loloma, Elder Hawk
 The Joji's Crew
 Our new "Shades"
The airplane tire..."Air Hawk"

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