Monday, March 4, 2013

Rua tale na bose‏

Part 1 of 2
Ni sa Bula Vinaka tale na taciqu kei na ganequ vakayago!
Well yet another crazy week down and the next crazy week starts today! haha We are getting 16 new missionaries in today. They are on the bus right now on their way here. It has already been pretty crazy because they missed their bus this morning because it took them so long to get through security and businesses in Fiji have no concept of service so we lost like $300 from that haha but we got them on another bus and they should be here in a few hours. So I don't have a ton of time to write but I will try to get in as much as I can...
 We got to go real quick and get the stuff for lunch for all of these new missionaries and then go and pick them up so I will get back on later today and write more email.
Part 2 of 2
na kena ikuri‏

Alright well we have been running around all day with these 16 new missionaries trying to get them sulus and getting them food and getting them interviewed by president and all that fun stuff. They are all awesome. Definitely culture shocked pretty good haha and they haven't even gone to the villages yet! We got our first two 18 year olds... pretty sweet. They both turn 19 pretty soon but they are still the first 18 year olds in this mission so that is something pretty cool that they can say. They are all awesome though and it has been fun. Lots more stuff to do with all of them tomorrow, the temple and stuff like that and then Wednesday is the huge transfer. It will be good when the transfer is over and things get rolling again. Really exciting things happening.
Well this week was pretty awesome. Last Monday night we were in the office and our card key things stop working at 10 but we were in the office after ten finishing up some last minute things for the zone conference the next day and we went out to go to the bathroom and we forgot that our cards would stop working if we went out but we had left our keys to the car and our phone in the office and we got locked out, and we didn't really want to wake president up because it was like 10:30 and he has been every bit as busy as we have so we know he is way tired and so we grabbed the cushions off of the couches in the temple housing side and we brought them in by the office and put them on the floor and we were just going to sleep there but then the security guards came in and they called the senior couple that is over the temple housing and they came over and said that they would just take us downstairs to sleep in the bunk room down there. So we went down and slept in the bunk room with a couple Tongans, and a few guys from New Caledonia. It was pretty sweet. Then we woke up at 6 when our cards would start working again. Finished our stuff in the office, went home, showered and then went back to the mission home for zone conference haha. Both of the zone conferences this week were really awesome. It is always way good to have the zone conferences at the mission home, it is kind of like home field advantage. Our balance survived all of the zone conferences so that was awesome. The best part of the ones this week though was a departing testimony that Sister Michael gave. She is from the Solomon islands and she goes home in may so at the your last zone conference you bear your testimony. So she is the most humble person ever and she has the most pure faith that I have ever seen in my entire life. I actually used her as an example of faith in all of the zone conferences. but she got up and bore the most powerful testimony that I have ever heard in my life. Her English is not very good but just like Brigham Young said that all the knowledge and fancy sermons in the world could have never convinced him that the Book of Mormon was true. But when a humble man got up and bore his testimony without eloquence about it by the power of the holy he knew without a doubt that it was true and that is what this experience was. The spirit was so powerful and it was awesome.
This week in the zone conferences I also used a quote from you mom. I talked about how you always say that your goal was not to raise good children, but good adults. and I talked about how right now our mission is like Heavenly Fathers training ground for us to be good adults and to be able to serve Him in the way that He will need us for the rest of our lives. I also used part of the training that President gave about how there is a certain point in business where the quality of service that you give will be so good that the people you are serving become "apostles" and share about it with everyone. So I talked about how right now we are serving the Lord and we want our quality of service to be so good that when it comes to our judgement day that Jesus Christ will be there to be our "apostle" and tell the Father how great our service was for Him. It hit me pretty good.
Well I want to go get some sleep. Just email President about that travel stuff. I don't know if he will know for sure yet or not. Au lomani kemudou!!
Loloma, Elder Hawk

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