Sunday, March 10, 2013

le levu na ka vou!

Well we survived another busy week! Hopefully these next few weeks should be a lot less hectic but I wouldn't bet on it haha We successfully got all 16 of our new missionaries in and we got the huge transfer done pretty smoothly so that was really good. It was really fun to be with all of the new missionaries. They are a good bunch. Another cool thing that happened this week is that a girl that me and Elder Moallii contacted and started teaching in Savusavu just got baptized this week! Her name is Tupou. I don't know if you remember me ever talking about her. Me and Elder Moaalii were pretty stoked when we heard about it though. Another pretty crazy thing is that this week President got an email from the missionary department and now in the whole world missionaries can email pretty much anyone, friends, family, priesthood leaders, recent converts. So you can tell people that they can email me if they want haha 
So this last week started off with a bang when we got these 16 new missionaries on Monday. So Monday through Wednesday we were just running them around taking them into town to go buy sulus and sandals and stuff and doing all of their orientation stuff and interviews with president. It was POURING rain some of the days so that made things pretty fun haha they got a good intro to Fiji. It rained like every single day for over 2 weeks. The last 3 days have been beautiful though. On Wednesday we had a longggg day of driving people back and forth from the airport and all around to do the transfer. We drove over 150 KMs just within like a 30KM radius haha it was a tiring day for sure. but it actually all went way smooth. Then on Thursday we went and picked up Elder Chlarson who is finishing his mission. He is the MAN! He was an awesome humble missionary. So that night we were at the gas station filling up and I was at the counter with our card to pay for the gas and I just started talking to the lady at the counter in Fijian and I was just telling her that I was a missionary for the LDS church and she asked if we just go visit people at their houses and I said yeah, do you want us to come and visit you at your house?, and she said yeah I don't really go to church but I really want to so I got her info and gave it to the Elders where she is staying and I saw those Elders today and they had a lesson with her on Sunday and said that she is awesome. Then another cool contact that we had this week was when we were coming out of the Tapoo city mall place in Suva from having lunch with Elder Chlarson and this Fijian lady said Bula to us and we started talking to her a little bit and she said that she has a sister that is a member in Hawaii and that that sister told her she should join the church and if she ever saw the missionaries to talk to them. So this lady said that she wants the missionaries to come over and teach her and her 5 kids so we got her info and gave that referral out as well. That is really the only thing that keeps us sane and feel like we are doing good missionary work is contacting people as we are running around all over the place. I am thankful that the Lord is giving us those opportunities and also that we have a good enough sense of our purpose as missionaries to realize that that is the best missionary work that we can do with the kind of schedule that we have. Pretty awesome.
I have actually felt a little drug down lately just because I really miss being out with the people and teaching lessons and feeling like a normal missionary, and I thought I might be getting to get back out in the field and do that soon but we had our interviews with President this week and it will still be a while before I get out. But it was super good because I really feel a renewed sense of energy. I told President that I am ready to get back out whenever he is ready for me to and he knows that I really want to but he said "I really need you here with me" and that is all I needed to hear to know that I need to be here and I need to lose my pride and not do what I want to do but just do what President and the Lord needs me to do. One really good quote that I heard a while back and really like is "Pride is characterized by what do I want out of life, rather than what would the Lord have me do with my life" So I am glad that I can feel me losing that pride and feel more peace about the good that I can do here. One thing that we are really going to start doing more is getting out and going on exchanges and stuff with the missionaries. It will be really good. We are excited. When all the new missionaries opened their call letter things to find out where their first assignments were it made me wish that I was in their shoes just starting out haha the time has gone by way to fast, but I am happy with the way everything has gone and am ready to finish strong, keep improving, and doing the best that I can do.
So we have an investigator named Apenisa that I have probably talked to you about before. But he is back over here in Samabula now and we had an awesome lesson with him on Sunday after church. He has changed his life completely. It is so cool to see how he has truly changed to the point that he has no desire at all to do the things that he did before. He is the man. He is going to be getting baptized next week so that will be awesome.
That picture is of a girl named Litia. They are a member family but one of the little boys is 10 and not baptized so we are teaching him and she always comes in and just sits there and stares at us with those big eyes and when we talk to her she will answer all of our questions by just shaking her head yes or no but she will never say a word haha she is so cute.
Well I got the boys some sweet shirts and I am going to be sending them today or tomorrow hopefully. They are for their birthdays/ Christmas haha they are really sweet. I think they will like them a lot. I am also sending a badge. They have these magnet badges now instead of the clip ones for suits so I got one so you can put it on the fridge haha Well I love you guys! Have a fun spring break!
Loloma, Elder Hawk
Belated Birthday Cake

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