Sunday, January 6, 2013

Siga ni sucu kei veisui‏

Bula vinaka!
Well I cannot believe that I have been away from home for 18 months. The time has been going by WAY too fast. I am so excited though for these next 6 months. There is going to be so many awesome and exciting things happening. And within this next 6 months I am going to get to go back out and be in a normal proselyting area, and I am way excited for that. I really have no idea where I could be going. There are a ton of areas opeing up so I think I might go open somewhere up and that would be really cool. I think I will probably train too which will be fun. I loved training. I think that I might want to go up to BYU so I should probably look into applying there pretty soon. Could you guys maybe look into that for me? I have no idea what to do with that stuff haha.
Thanks for all of the birthday emails! I had a way awesome birthday! I didn't get a key though which was a little bit of a bummer. I am still going to try to get one though ha. On my birthday we went and got on that little tiny Northern Air plane in the morning and flew to Savusavu. It was way cool flying on a tiny little plane like that. We flew up to Labasa first and landed and then down to Savusavu. It was so beautiful. I got a ton of pictures. Then that day we started our exchange with the Zone leaders there. I went with Elder Hansen. It was so fun to be in Savusavu again and get to see all the people that I knew from there. We went out and saw the Gade family and they started the veisui. Veisui is this Fijian tradition thing that they do on New Years, and really for the whole month of January to celebrate the new year. Pretty much it is just a huge water fight. Everyone just throws water on each other. Technically when you get someone wet though you are supposed to give them something to dry off with but no one really follows that part ha. Then after that we went over to Elder and Sister Muirs house and she made an awesome spaghetti dinner and also an awesome German Chocolate cake. It was so sweet. Sister Terry, the other senior couple lady out there also brought me a cake as well so I did get a lot of really good American style cake on my birthday ha
Then the 2nd day that we were in Savusavu we all woke up and went and did service for sister Lo. she is a member and she just really lives by herself. We went and used our sele (machete) to clean up around here tavioka plants and just all round her house. It was a ton of fun. I miss being able to do service like that all the time. Then the flat didnt have any water on for some reason. So we had to use the water bottles they had filled up with water to shower ha it was pretty funny. Then I went with Elder Ledoux and we got to go and teach some of the investigators that I had found when I was serving there so that was really cool. They are doing good. Then after that we all went out to Vunivesi, my favorite place ever haha Elder Leoux had never done the veisui thing before and he really wanted to so he got a big bucket full of water and while Elder Stock was scraping a coconut he went and dumped it on him and then the game was on haha We were all running through the koro and all of the peole in the koro were coming out and everyone was just getting soaked. All of the people in the koro thought that it was so awesome that a couple of white kids new about those kind of things with their culture. Hopefully it will open up some of those people to letting the missionaries teach them. Then we had a huge feast for my birthday!! It was amazing. SO much good food. We all ate a ton. The people in Vunivesi make the best food ever. So my birthday was really awesome.
Then the next morning we flew back over here to suva on that same tiny plane. On Saturday night we went and ate at President Klinglers house and we had a ton of french toast and hash browns and bacon and me and Elder Stock ate a ton because we decided that we couldnt let food that good go to waste. So we were stuffed and we went home and our landlord had done a lovo (earth oven) and they had a ton of food and they wanted us to eat with them and we want to have a good relationship with them so we went in and ate some more. We had some way good discussion about what we do as missionaries and about the church and stuff so that was way awesome. And then at the end I looked over at Elder Stock and he wasnt looking too good and he said, "we got to go". So I was trying to finish the conversation without it being all awkward and then Elder Stock just jumped up and ran outside and puked a ton in the bushes hahaha I was laughing so hard because I knew that it was just because we had eaten way too much. We went into our flat and we were laughing so hard about it. He felt way better though. I really wish that I would have thrown up too because I felt terrible after eating that much. But I still have my record going of not throwing up since we went to Hawaii when I was in 5th grade! ha
Yesterday was really awesome too. We had only had time to teach one lesson the whole week and so we wanted to really get to see all of our investigators yesterday and we ended up teaching 5 lessons yesterday and setting 2 baptismal dates! It was sweet. And Filipe came to church too so we were super stoked about that! I really wish that me and Stock got to work together in an area where we just got to focus on proselyting because we would kill it! It is good though that we are here though because by us helping all of the other missionaries we are really doing a lot more good. It is just harder to see it sometimes.
Well thanks again for all the birthday wishes! Hopefully I that package wont take too long to get to me once you send it. Did you find some shoe insoles? I got a lot of mail this week. I got like 5 letters from Grandma and Grandpa, some of them were from October haha Good ol Fiji post! Well I love you guys! Au lomani kemudou!!
Loloma, Elder Hawk

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