Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sa oti na ivola i mormani!

Bula Vinaka!!

That is really cool that both of the boys did well in those tournaments. When they wrestle in the state tournament stuff you will have to record them and then put them on a DVD and send them to me so that I can watch them. I can't believe that I am already emailing home again. Time does not wait, but I wish it would! This was a really awesome week. Me and Elder Stock almost got double digit lessons in our area this week. We have a baptism this Saturday though so that will be really awesome. It is Joel. He is the man. He wants to serve a mission as well. He is 21.
Well at the beginning of the week I finished the Book Of Mormon in Fijian! I was super excited. I have been reading it my whole mission off and on so now I have finally finished it all in Fijian. I want to make a goal to finish it again before my mission is over though. Because now when I read it I can actually just use it for normal study of the Book of Mormon because I can understand everything that it is saying haha That was really exciting though. This week was also sister Klingler's birthday. Me and Elder Stock made a Passion Fruit cheesecake.... There is one store here in Fiji that sells those Jell-o cheesecake things so we got one of those and made it and then got some passion fruit and put it on the top. I will have to send you a picture. it was amazing haha we were pretty proud of ourselves. When we took it over to her we also took a step ladder in with us and went a cleaned one of her fans because the other night that we were there she was saying it needed cleaned. It was really fun. Sister Klingler is awesome.
Another funny thing that happened this week was when I was trying to move our fan my finger slipped through the middle grate thing and the fan cut my finger all up and it broke the blade off of the fan haha it was insane. My finger is all good though. Just cut up and bruised a bit. Still good enough to go golf this morning haha
This week we also got to go through the temple with the first man that Elder Stock baptized on his mission. Him and his wife got sealed and we got to be there for that. It was way awesome. We got to go through another session in Fijian too so that was really cool. I hope that at the temples in home they have the headphones and that I can listen to it in Fijian. it is way cooler.
Thursday we went and did service for a less active family. we went to their farm with our machetes and cleaned up around their kasava plants. It felt way good to get out and do good work like that again. After we had a really good lesson with them. 2 of the older kids aren't members but we started teaching them. Then we got into another big veisui water fight in the little settlement where they live haha it was way fun.
We also went on exchanges with the Suva ZLs on Saturday. I went to their area with Elder Inukihaangana. We taught like 5 lessons that day and probably committed about 7 people to baptism. It was so awesome haha That night we were at the dinner appointment and it was this house like right on the sea wall and there were mangroves next to their house and there were TONS of bats flying around and some of them were landing in the trees in their yard. So I ran out and tried to hit one of the ones hanging with a rock so we could eat it but I barely missed. After dinner we went out there again and this time we used sticks. None of them were hanging on the tree but one flew probably 20 feet right over our heads and I threw this stick at it and nailed it and it made a loud screeching noise and fell a little ways but it caught itself and flew off haha it was way awesome. It would have been way cooler if I actually would have killed it but it was still cool though that I hit it while it was flying with a stick. On the exchange we were just contacting some people on the streets and 2 times the people refused to take the pamphlet that we were trying to give them. That is more times than that has happened to me than the whole rest of my mission combined haha people will always accept the pamphlets and stuff that we give out which is pretty awesome. Most missions are super excited if they have 2 people that accept it but I had 2 people that rejected it and I thought it was funny because that hardly happens here haha awesome.
The coolest thing that happened this week was yesterday while we were teaching Saki. He is the one that is in his 20's but his mental capacity is about like a 9 or 10 year old. He usually doesn't really remember too well what we taught him or really ask us questions or anything. But when we were teaching him this time it was like a light switched turned on in the middle of the lessons and he just started asking us all kinds of awesome questions and remembering everything we taught. The spirit literally opened up his mind and was teaching him right in front of us. I almost started crying because it was so amazing to see how big of a change it was in him because of that.
Well the mission is doing great! We had 19 baptisms this week which is really awesome! I am so excited to see how the work starts to progress once we start getting all of these new missionaries. I am really excited. What an amazing time to be a missionary! Au lomani Kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

 Sister Klingler's Birthday Passion Fruit Cheesecake made by Elders Stock & Hawk
 "Birthday Key" made by the same man that carved the Fijian Nativity 
Stock had it made for Hawk's Birthday
Enjoying some golf on p-day


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