Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Partyyy!

Bula Vinaka na noqu matavuvale!
Well it seems like it has been a while since I talked to you guys last! This
week was a ton of fun. On Monday we all got to go into Suva to LDS Tech the LDS
school and play sports all day long because President was stuck on another
island with a few other missionaries because all the flights were getting
cancelled haha It is always way fun to be with all of the other missionaries.
On Tuesday we all had a big combined Zone conference. It was really good. We
always have a lot of good trainings and things that give me a good boost to
keep working hard and getting better. That night we had our talent show. Our
zone learned a Meke which is a Fijian dance. There are a lot of different ones
so that is what the other zones did for the most part too. It was a ton of fun.
Some other people sang and did some other stuff too that was all really funny.
And then on Wednesday we got to go to the temple which was awesome. The temple
here is super small. A whole lot different from the one in Mesa but I like it a
lot. It was nice to just be able to relax and not have to think about anything
else but just being there in the temple.
Well I got my new comp. His name is Elder McCombs. He is from Toqurville, Utah.
He was Elder Stocks trainer. He is a really good kid and a really good
missionary. I think me and him are going to get a whole lot of good work done
in this area. We have a lot of investigators right now and we are getting new
ones all the time. The other day we were walking out to this part of our area called
Wainibuku that I have never actually walked to before because we usually take
the bus because it is quite a ways, but we missed the bus and they only go out
there every 2 hours so we had to walk. While we were walking, this Fijian women
called us over to her. She asked us what we do and we told her we are
missionaries for the LDS church. She said she doesn’t go to any church but
wants to and asked if we could come teach her. Of coarse we were pumped and
said yeah we will definitely be back haha It is crazy how much the Lord guides
this work. Even in ways that you don’t realize He will until after they have
already happened.
O yeah, so this week something happened to my foot and it was HUGE and swollen
and all infected and red so Elder Whiting the mission doctor guy got me some
antibiotics. So it wasn’t really getting any better for a few days and then on Sunday
I had to wear my real sandals instead of flip flops because we were going to
church and when I got there I realized that my foot was like leaking puss and
stuff out of this tiny little hole on the top of my foot from my sandal
squeezing it. So I went into the bathroom at the chapel and started squeezing
it and slowly so puss started coming out, and then I squeezed it really hard
and it just EXPLODED with blood and puss! haha blood shot literally like 5 feet
and there was a bunch of little boys in there too and they all thought it was
awesome haha but now it feels a TON better so that is way good.
Last night we had a missionary Christmas devotional in Suva where us
missionaries where the choir and we sang some songs and stuff. It was really
good. It will definitely be a lot different Christmas this year but I am still
really excited haha I am not really even sure what we are doing on Christmas
day but I am sure we will do something fun!
Au lomani kemudou vakalevu!! Keep being awesome!
Loloma, Elder Hawk

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