Sunday, September 25, 2011

Second Week in Fiji

Bula Vinaka everyone!

Well I have now been in Fiji for 2 weeks! pretty crazy how fast it is going by. I dont really get to teach in Fijian like at all in this area so that has been kind of a bummer but I know that I will get my chance to go to an area that is all in Fijian soon enough. I am actually going on exchanges tomorrow up to Kuku which I think is more in Fijian so that should be sweet. I will go tomorrow after district meeting and stay until Thursday morning. I think it will be good. It will be sweet to be able to go see some different parts of the Island. Elder Stock is out on Vanua Levu so the other island so he is a long ways away from me but we are having mission tour in November so a general authority will come and everyone goes into suva for a couple days so that will be good to see him and everyone else.

This week has been really slow teaching wise. We had a lot of other things we had to do so we weren't even in our area for a couple days except to sleep. On Wednesday we went into Suva to have a training for all of the trainers and new ones that came in with us. Only me, Sister Longley and Elder Neider and our trainers could come because everyone else is out farther away but it was good to see them. The training was pretty good. Nothing new really haha it was good though because we got to go shopping in Suva after so I bought a white sulu and and Fijian bible and just some other stuff that I needed so that was good. I dont know if you guys sent a package yet but I need a usb card reader thing so that I can send you guys pictures. I just use my companions now but I should probably get one for myself so that I dont always have to use his haha thats the only thing I can think of that I really need but you can send me whatever you want haha

So we are teaching a man named David and he is from an island called Rabi and they are totally different from fijians, it is a different language and everything but he speaks english so we just teach him in English but his wife and family are all members but he isnt. Him and his wife actually aren't married yet so we have to get them married before he can get baptized but I committed him to being baptized on October 23 and he seemed determined to get it all done by then so I really hope he does. It is amazing to see how much faith some of these people have. Him and his wife now both were married before and both of there spouses died so I am not sure which kids are theirs haha they are all awesome though.

The other night we went to teach a boy named Jone and I hadnt met him before and they hadn't taught him any lessons yet but when we got there, there was like 5 boys there and they are all in like their 20's and they all wanted to sit down and be taught. So we taught them the whole first lesson. They all seemed very interested and had lots of questions but they accepted everything that we taught them. After the lesson I realized that I had pretty much taught like the whole thing myself haha I didnt mean to but it was one of the first times that I have really felt guided by the spirit that much in a lesson. Especially when I was sharing about the first vision I could feel how powerful that event is and I know that they could feel it too. They all said they wanted to come back for the next time we come and teach so hopefully they do.

On Sunday we were at the church all day because there is another ward that meets their after ours and it is the ward that the sisters are over and they had a baptism that they were doing after church and my companion is the one that baptized her. It was an older lady. I cant remember her name but she is awesome. Seeing that really motivated me to work hard so that I can baptize people because I could see how happy it made her and also how happy it made us even though it wasnt even our own investigator. I know that when you are the one to teach them from the start and see them change and everything it will make it even more special and happy.

We watch conference on the 8th and the 9th so we just get to go to the chapel in our area and I think our ward is combining with the Makoi ward and we will all just watch it together. I am really excited for it. I know that being a missionary will make me look at conference in a whole different way then I ever have before.

Well I miss you guys but I know this is where I need to be. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family. not only our family but all of our extending family is just filled with such great people and great examples. I am so thankful to have grown up in this gospel and have the knowledge I do about these things that help us so much in our lives. Keep being the awesome people you are! cakava cakacaka na luvequ!!

Lomana, Elder Hawk

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