Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Companion


Sorry I do not have much time to email. This laptop I am using is
about to run out of battery I think. Sounds like everything is going
great at home. I am glad you guys liked the pictures. I wish I could
have sent more. I will show all of them to you guys soon though.

This week we had a big shock. Elder Ravutaumada got transferred. He
just left today and I got my new companion. It was way sad to see
Elder Ravu leave. I really loved him and we were doing a lot of great
things here. I was kind of upset at first but I know that it will all
be alright and me and my new comp Elder Tekenimatang will be able to
continue the good work here. My new comp is also from Fiji but he is
from the Island of Rabi where they speak Kiribati language. So he
speaks the same language as Elder Tamuera. He has been in the field
for 3 months and I am his follow up trainer. He is hilarious. It will
be fun. We could have quite a few baptisms this month. We have such
awesome investigators. Last year there was only 4 baptisms the whole
year on this island and I think we could possibly get 6-8 this month
if things work out. I really hope they do. I really love the people we
are teaching right now and they could strengthen the branch here so
much. This Saturday we are also doing our fireside. I made posters and
stuff while I was at the office in Suva and we have been putting them
up around here and it sounds like we could get a pretty good turn out.
I am SUPER excited for it. I think it will help the work out a ton
here. I think this is going to be a great year for Kadavu. I wish I
could extend haha I am way excited for you guys to come though. It is
going to be so amazing for you guys. I am focused and ready to sprint
to the finish. No slowing down.... au lomani kemudou!!

loloma levu, Elder Hawk

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