Monday, May 20, 2013

Kalavo (Rat)


Sorry my e-mail is so late today. The family that we usually e-mail with
broke that webbox thing that we usually use so we have been trying to
find another place to e-mail and finally found a laptop that has

This week was really good. The zone leaders came down and went on
exchanges with us so that was way fun. Me and Elder Haimin took the
nice long walk to Tavuki. It was way fun though because he is the one
that went to Riverton so we were just talking about all these people
that we both know and stuff haha and just about all the good times on
the mission so far. He is the man. On the way back we tried to take
this cross cut through the jungle that we take when it doesn't rain but
I couldn't find where the trail started so we just went into the jungle
looking for and and we kept crossing this little river looking for it
and we got way lost in the jungle for like thirty minutes and we
finally found our way back to the road and then we walked a little
farther and there I saw the start of the cross cut haha so we took it.
It is a crazy cross cut through the type of jungle that you see on
movies and there is a few way sweet water falls on the way. I will
have to take some pictures of it sometime.

This week we also got our washing machine fixed but that is another
funny story. Bro Lal one of the members here is good at fixing
electronic stuff so he came up to our flat and our washing machine was
in our tiny little shower because that is where it has to drain. But
it was full of water and not working so Elder Ravu and I were in
the tiny little shower room and we had to shut the door to get around
the machine and tip it over so that we could dump it out. We tipped it
up and I felt something run across my foot..... I looked down and it
was a HUGE RAT!!! hahahaha I yelled "KALAVO!!" which is the Fijian
word for Rat and we were jumping up and down in this tiny little
shower room and the rat was running all around underneath our feet.
Finally Elder Ravu landed on it and it died haha it was probably one
of the funniest things that has happened on my mission haha

This week we also had some awesome lessons with Inoke and Kalesi. One
day we were teaching them and we were teaching them again about the
priesthood and I was talking about how we can trace our authority back
to Jesus Christ and then I was talking about how I have that authority
and I can trace it back to Jesus Christ and I felt the spirit way
strong and just felt so blessed to have that in my life and be able to
do the things like baptize and bless and things like that because of
it. I think they will be getting baptized next month, they are so

Well sorry this email is going to be way short. We have a lesson soon.
This week we are going to Kavala. We should have 3 baptisms up there,
and hopefully set up for another one or more for when we go next
month. We are riding the boat up there on Thursday and we will ride
the little boat back on Sunday. I am not looking forward to sleeping
in that house with all the rats haha hopefully they don't eat my

We are working really hard. I think I have seriously lost like 15
pounds just in this month. way awesome. Hopefully I keep losing more!
Finishin' strong!!! Sprint to the finish! au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk

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