Sunday, February 24, 2013

Craziest week ever...

Bula Vinaka!
Well, this week was every bit as crazy and more than we thought that it would be haha it all worked out though. These next 2 weeks are not going to really slow down at all though. This week we have zone conference tomorrow and Thursday, and tomorrow we also just found out like yesterday that they are sending us 3 missionaries from New Zealand MTC. Two of them are Fijians that are coming to wait for their visas and the other one is a missionary that was serving in NZ but he got transferred to a different mission and he has to come and wait here until he can get the visa for his new mission. So there will be a little transfer with that, then we have zone leaders council on Friday, and then on Monday we are getting an intake of 16 missionaries. haha We are getting our first two 18 year olds. Pretty exciting! Did you hear that there was 58 new missions announced that will be opening in July?! That means there will be 405 missions in the world! That is insane haha I am so stoked for Rand to get his papers in.
 Well this week both of the zone conferences that we did were so awesome. Our whole balance thing worked out great. Everyone thought that it was really cool. The coolest part though was being able to give people those papers where we had written something personal to each of them about what kind of potential we see in them and what Christ-like attribute and stuff like that. The spirit was really strong for all of it. I didn't cry at all for the first like year of my mission but lately I like always cry at the end of our trainings when I am bearing my testimony haha maybe just because I am more receptive to the spirit now. But in Labasa during the whole meeting I just kept feeling this great sense of love for all of the missionaries there and I just got thinking about how I really had no idea what it was like to feel that kind of love for people before my mission. So at the end I was bearing my testimony and I just started talking about that and I said that I didn't know what love was before my mission and how I am so thankful to have come to a country where there is so much love and I have really learned what real love is and I feel it so much for everyone here and for all of the missionaries. It was a good feeling. Life is awesome. Another cool thing that happened at zone conference was that we had the area doctor with us, his name is Elder Anderson, he is from St. George, but he is the MAN haha he is hilarious. But his wife said a way cool quote. I don't know exactly how it goes but it was by Russel M. Nelson and it talks about how in the pre-mortal life we all knew where we would serve our missions and we promised that we would be there and that is why the places we are now is exactly where we are called to be and really we are "at our post". It was a way good quote. I will have to see if I can find the actually one and send it because it was way good.
Well this week me and Elder Stock also got asked to be the guest speakers for the devotional at the LDS primary school here. So we went and first we spoke to the Kindergarten-Class 3 and then Class 4-Class6. It was sooo much fun. Those kids are awesome. We just talked about being missionaries and how awesome it is and pumped them all up to go and serve missions. The coolest thing was at the end of the one with the youngest kids they sang "I love to see the Temple" and they were just singing it sooo loud and the spirit was way strong and I could just see all of these little kids growing up and making the church so strong in Fiji and going to the temple. It was pretty cool. Then after all the kids were just going crazy and gathered around us like we were celebrities. It was way fun. The kids here are the best thing ever.
I got a letter from Fishy this week haha I was pretty excited. Quynn emailed me too and told me that he sent me a letter and so did Wesley so hopefully I actually get those sometime within the next 4 months haha Well I love you guys. You guys are awesome. I am so proud of you guys for not being ashamed of the gospel and who we are. You guys are all great examples. Au lomani kemudou sara valevu!!
Loloma, Elder Hawk

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