Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Papitaiso tale mai Vunivesi!

Ni sa bula vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

Well it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun up in Utah! Rand and especially Parker look so big! crazy. That will be good if Rand at least waits until I get home haha I really want to see him before he heads out too. It will be really exciting to see where he goes. I am excited to get to write him while he is gone and help him with things that I also learned here on my mission. I am sure it will be a way different experience somewhere else in the world but there will still be a lot of similarities. I am way excited for him. I know he will be a way awesome missionary. Did you read Isaac the letter that I sent? Hopefully it was alright haha This week will be pretty weird. We are flying over to Suva tomorrow and then on Wednesday we have our zone leader council. Then on Thursday all of the District leaders from the whole mission will be coming in and we will have another training for them that day. Me and Elder Moaalii have to give a training. I think that it will be really good. We based it mostly off of a talk by Spencer W. Kimball called "Jesus Christ: The Perfect Leader" or something along those lines. It is a way good talk. Especially for comparing it to being a leader here in the mission. And then they couldn't get us a flight back on Friday so we have to wait until Saturday to fly back to Savusavu. It really sucks because we have so much stuff going on and we are going to get taken out of our area for pretty much a whole week! We will be alright though.

As far as this last week goes it was really awesome. The APs came over for a few days and we did splits with them so we were able to get a ton of work done. We just keep finding more and more people to teach. We really need another set of missionaries here to help us out since we are gone so much. One of the days that we were on splits I was with Elder Estill and we were walking through a village called Yaroi. As we were walking through a man just came walking up to us and told us to come into his house and teach them. He is a pretty plump guy and he is missing a lot of his teeth but he is the man. We went in and had a good intro lesson about our purpose as missionaries with them. He just kept telling us that he was feeling the Spirit. Me and Elder Moaalii went back the other day to teach them again and they are way awesome. He was so thankful for all the new stuff that he has already learned from us and for the Spirit he says that he always feels as we teach. His name is Jimmy. His wife is half Chinese and half Fijian. Pretty weird mixture haha they are all awesome though. they have 5 kids. hopefully things will work out well with them. Me and Elder Estill also taught a lesson and we were sitting outside of this ladies house in a different village because there was no man home so we couldn't go in. As we were teaching her tons of kids just started coming and gathering around us because they were so amazed that we could speak Fijian haha Their dialect has some similarities to the one in Vunivesi that I have been learning so when I started throwing in some of that stuff they were going insane haha it was awesome.

So the baptisms in Vunivesi were really awesome. There was a ton of people there again, and we had an amazing feast again. Every Sunday pretty much they have a big feast out there and they make you eat so much haha pretty much the more you eat the more they love you, so I am starting to gain wait from eating so much. It is way good food though. I can't wait for you guys to come and try the food. It was a bummer that Semi wasn't able to get baptized with them but he is still the man. On Tuesday night me and Elder Myer the other AP went out there and we taught him a lesson and I thought that he would be all down and embarrassed and stuff about not passing his interview and the smoking thing and stuff but he was just super happy and kept saying how he knows with the Lord's help he will be able to stop smoking so that he can get baptized too. It was really awesome. We had a really good lesson with him about the atonement and about how Christ took on EVERYTHING that we will ever go through in this life so that he would know how to best help us. I got some better pictures from the baptism this time so I will send those haha.

I also just found out this week that Brother and Sister Bavoro, the old couple that I baptized from Naulu and that has been in the bishopric for a long time now, well they are going through the temple at the end of next month!!! I REALLY hope that it will work out to where I will be in Suva for meetings that week so that I can go with them but I don't know if it will. That would be SO awesome to be able to get to go through with them. It is awesome enough I guess that they are going through anyways. haha

Well I am glad all of you are doing so good! Say hello to everyone up in Utah for me! Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk


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