Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vodo waqa!! (boat ride)

Me'u ba bula re na oku ma'avuvale!

I got the package!! It is perfect! These shirts are WAY nice. Soo much better than all the other ones that I have. I think that I am going to give my old ones to the Elders in Korovou to give to some members from there. They forwarded the package here to Savusavu so I got it really fast. Thank you so much!!

Well this week was a week of a lot of traveling. On Monday and Tuesday we were up in another town on this island called Labasa. Me and Elder Moaalii had to do a zone training meeting. It is a new world wide thing they are doing for missions. We will be doing them once a month. It was really good. We can't really get our whole zone together all at once because of the ones on the other island so we just did the meeting on Tuesday with all the elders on Vanua Levu (which is only 8 of us) and then on Wednesday we went over to Taveuni, the other island to do the meeting with the Elders over there. On Wednesday we had to wake up at 5 in the morning and walk down to the dock to get onto the boat. We road the "SOFI" or "The Spirit Of Fiji Islands" (hence the name SOFI haha). It is the pictures that I sent. It is a pretty dang big boat. We usually go up to a different part of this island and then get on like a little ferry boat that will take us accross but this time we had to bring their truck back from there to bring it here to get it fixed so we had to ride the big boat. So we rode the boat for 5 hours to get to Taveuni and we got off, did about an hour and a half of our training meeting and then we had to get their truck and go get back on the same boat to go back haha so it was just a day filled with riding the boat but it was really fun. As you can see from the picture with the window we were getting pretty bored on the boat ride back and started exploring the boat haha We are going to have to go back to Taveuni next week to go finish our zone training meeting and also to just go do some other zone leader stuff there. This month of September we will be traveling around every week haha it is going to be a way busy and crazy month. Especially because there is also an intake of 20 new missionaries coming in in 2 weeks so that is going to be insane. Our zone will probably be getting some more missionaries. It is going to be so awesome for the work here in Fiji.

Other than that the rest of this week was pretty good. There was some deaths in some of the villages that our work is in so it was really hard for us to get lessons in this week. On Sunday though our unit from Vunivesi came into Savusavu for church and that is where all of our baptismal dates are right now so we got to teach all of them at the chapel after church. Our chapel is just like a little wooden chapel with 3 little tiny classrooms and then a little bit bigger main room where we just set up chairs for sacrament I will have to take some pictures of it and send them sometime.

Today we have to go and pick up President and his wife and also the AP's from the airport. We are having zone conference tomorrow. It will be really weird being at a zone conference that me and my companion are like in charge of. Our training that we prepared is way awesome though so I am way excited about it. The hardest part was that we had to plan all the transport for people coming on the boat from the other island and stuff so that was a pain. But it is all set. Tonight there will be 14 missionaries sleeping at our flat haha good thing our flat is HUGE! I will send a picture of the main room of our flat in another email.

You guys need to send me some actual pictures of you guys so that I can show them to people! Like actual printed pictures in the mail. People in Fiji love looking at pictures of our families and I only have those couple that you guys sent me at like Christmas of last year haha We have the best family ever so I need to show you guys off!! haha Au lomani kemudou!!

Loloma, Elder Hawk
 SOFI------The Spirit Of Fiji Islands
 Ferry Gate
Touring around the boat
Beautiful Sunset


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