Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First E-Mail From Elder Hawk

Bula Vinaka!!

I only have thrity minutes to e mail so ill try to get in as much as I can in haha. I'm glad to hear you got that letter! I was hoping it would get to you before today cuz I figured you might think my P day was before today haha. So ya my p day is on tuesdays...

Alright well I cant remember all I wrote in the letter so I hope I dont leave anything out. I LOVE the MTC! I have been having sooo much fun. Elder Stock is the man. It seems like me and him have been friends forever. Our other companion elder O'Connor from Australia went home today!!! he hasnt been able to sleep and has been super homesick and having anxiety....so today has been pretty crazy with him leaving and stuff. There are three Elders that have been here for 9 weeks that are going to Fiji on Saturday. They are AWESOME! It has been way nice to have them around to help us with the language and stuff. I can already pray and and bear my testimony in Fijian!! We had to go around and bare our testimony to 20 people here in two days and me and Elder stock did it easy. Elder Stock just got made to be the District Leader so thats pretty cool. I am picking up the language really good. I LOVEEEEE Fijian! it is definitely the coolest language they teach here haha Its so cool to walk around and hear all the different languages that people are speaking.. its insane. I have taken some pictures but I forgot my cord so I need you to send that to me! Just send me whatever camera stuff I left in the box. I want you to send me my Fijian flag too so we can put it up in our room. I have seen soooo many people that I know from Herriman and from AZ! its been way fun to see everyone and talk to them and stuff. One of the first people I saw when Mac dropped me off was Dallin Simmons so that was pretty crazy haha and my host Elder was from Gilbert and went to Highland high school, pretty crazy. I guess they shut down the Japan and Hong Kong MTC's recently so all the people speaking those crazy asian languages are here so that has been cool haha I cant believe I have been here a week already! It has gone by so fast. A whole new group of missionaries comes in every wednesday so tommorrow will be crazy. It will be nice to not be one of the noobs though haha there were over 400 that came in the same day as me. I cant remember if I met that kid that sister williams knows at the airport but im sure i did haha there was 8 of us so that was way cool. I have gotten a ton of mail haha I have gotten letters from all our family and The madsens and grandma and grandpa twice and Casey and Sarah so it has been awesome! Thanks so much for all your support and prayers! I am doing great and loving it here! It is so amazing to see all of the blessings I have already received for being here and for being a tool in the Lords hands. I cant wait to get to Fiji and share the gospel with them to give them the happiness that it has brought all of us. Keep Doin work!


Elder Hawk

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